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A shot of the Peter Pan section.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA
Mapcode fts
Creators RainboWaffle, Dumbmutt
Food None
Publication Early August 2019

Fairytales is a pure parkour map by RainboWaffle and Dumbmutt. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join fts”.



You arrive at the library in search of a good book. You find an interesting book named: "An Anthology Of Fairytales". Immediately after taking it, a strange door opens and you end up in the first fairytale. You then parkour throughout 3 other fairytales in search of a way back home.


Fairytales begins in a small room after pressing the teleport sign, they are immediately teleported into a library which contains a puzzle. After solving it, they are taken to the first fairytale, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, which contains a small cottage which the player must enter to proceed to the mine. The mine contains 2 individual parkour sections, which, after completion, allows the player to progress to the next fairytale, The Little Red Riding Hood. This section contains a parkour section, which is immediately followed by a maze which leads to the next fairytale, The Beauty and The Beast. This section is initiated by broken hallway which they must parkour across, which is then followed by a ballroom, which they must also parkour across. After the ballroom, there is a tower that they must climb and then a final broken hallway. After this, the player ends up in the final fairytale of the map, Peter Pan. This section consists of one large parkour which then leads the player to the final hallway of the game. After this, the player is finished the map.


The Snow White section is mostly made out of spruce wood, The Little Red Riding Hood section is also mostly made of spruce, The Beauty and The Beast hallways are made of stone bricks and cracked stone bricks, the ballroom is made of quartz and the chandelier is made of sea lanterns. Finally, the Peter Pan section is tropical themed.


This map in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • After the library was built, RainboWaffle gave up construction until 1 year later, when he finally completed the map.
  • RainboWaffle originally started building the map alone but he then received the help of Dumbmutt for the aesthetics.
  • The map took around 10 hours total combined build time.

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