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An aerial shot from near the top of the building.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode npd
Creators rickyboy320, skyerzz
Food None
Publication January 14, 2014

'Napped is a pure parkour map by rickyboy320 and skyerzz. It rewards 12 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join npd”.



The player wakes up after having been kidnapped by some nefarious evildoers, who plan on blowing up a respectable place of business. They must parkour to the top of the building to catch them and put a stop to their plan.


The map begins with a simple dropper, where the player falls from near the top of the building into a fountain in the lobby. Once safely on the ground, the player must utilize several piles of TNT to make their way upwards. Starting from the second floor, they must also parkour on the outside of the building, which often poses risk of falling to their deaths. The middle section of the map brings the player back into the building, where they must find a path upwards. Once they have ascended the final set of stairs, the player must complete one final section of parkour to bring them to the summit of the building.


'Napped takes place in a large office building constructed from obsidian, glass, and lapis blocks. The obsidian serves as flooring throughout, while the glass makes up the large, continuous windows for the high-rise. Several portions of the building are made to resemble having explosive damage done to it, so there are large holes and collapsed ceilings at parts. Inside the office proper, there is an assortment of oak wood which is used as office equipment. The map also has large quantities of TNT lying around, both inside and outside the building.


This map is featured in 3 challenges: 2014 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Napped takes place in the same area as, and serves as a sequel to, Lapis Plaza, another map by the same creators.

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