Vis autre.png
The Starting Room
Map information
Reward 2 FFA Points
Difficulty Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode vis
Creator Autre
Food None
Publication January 22nd, 2021

Vision is a co-op mixed puzzle map with parkour and maze by Autre. It rewards 2 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join vis”.



Vision is split into four main challenges. The first challenge, Coding, has the players figure out a code based on banners. Each player can only see half of the code, so the players must communicate their half of the code to the player that has the answer prompt. The second challenge, Eyes and Ears, separates the players into two areas. The player designated "the eyes" has to figure out how to escape five different rooms. The player designated "the ears" is given books with how to escape each room and must use the instructions to guide their partner through the five rooms. Once the "the eyes" player completes the fifth room, they will give a code to the "the ears" player and both of them will be brought to the start of the third challenge. The third challenge, Guiding, again separates the players into two roles. The player designated "the runner" has to complete a maze with multiple branching paths. The player designated "the guider" will guide their player through the maze. This player will also open doors for their partner to navigate. Once the "the runner" player reaches to the end, both players will reunite again to choose roles for the fourth challenge. The fourth challenge, Jumping, has one player complete a short, timed parkour while their partner summons platforms for them to jump on. Upon completing this room, both players will be met with the end sign.


Vision is made mostly from spruce and dark oak wood variants. Redstone lamps, slabs, and stairs accent the area. Brown stained glass is also used in the second and fourth challenge. The rooms that the "the eyes" partner encounters are distinctly different from the palette of the rest of the map.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa


  • Vision has a lot of references to using /msg as to better teach players how to communicate properly.
  • Despite being a co-op map, Vision is able to be completed with an odd number amount of people (3+).

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