Time Lab

Time Lab
The lab the player starts in.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA+
Mapcode tim
Creators Daok28, Dobby728, Nicochico8, Pqrky, SpawnedThisWay
Food None
Publication June 26, 2020

Time lab is a pure parkour map by Daok28, Dobby728, Nicochico8, Pqrky, and SpawnedThisWay. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join tim”.


The player begins in the time lab, which is home to a new time machine. The time-traveling process goes wrong though, sending the player on a journey through time as they attempt to find their way back to the present...


The gameplay consists of 6 time periods that the player parkours through - the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Wild West, and the Future. At each time period, the aim is for the player to reach the time machine.

  • In the Stone Age, the player first escapes a cave, to then parkour on rock formations similar to Stonehenge.
  • In Ancient Egypt the player must parkour their way out of a pyramid and over some trees once outside.
  • In Ancient Greece the player makes their way up Mount Olympus before parkouring across clouds and then inside the Temple of the Gods.
  • In the Middle Ages the player parkours across the village and into a castle. Many players feel the castle is the hardest section of the map.
  • In the Wild West the player parkours out of a gold mine before reaching a town, where they must find a way to reach the top of the saloon.
  • Finally, in the Future the player parkours through an abandoned space station.


As this map consists of 6 different time periods and a lab at the start, there is a variety of different aesthetics across it.

  • The player begins the map in the time lab, which consists of the central time machine connected to the rest of the lab, and 4 mini-biomes (a plains area, a desert, the nether, and the end).
  • The Stone Age consists of a cave textured with andesite, cobblestone granite, slabs, stairs, and walls, as well as a textured path outside, a small pond, a campfire area, and the stone formations.
  • In Ancient Egypt the player begins in a tomb beneath the pyramid with riches and a sarcophagus. The player then goes through the inside of a pyramid before exiting to an area with a few small houses and a fountain, as well as a few trees.
  • Ancient Greece consists of a large mountain (Mount Olympus) surrounded by trees at the base with clouds around the top, built with white wool, white concrete powder, white stained glass, white stained glass panes, and white carpet. There is a large cloud at the top with a temple above. Inside the temple, there are piles of knowledge, consisting of bookshelves, crafting tables, and gold blocks.
  • In the Middle Ages the player begins in a village, consisting of a small farm, some market stalls, a church, some street lamps, and a few houses, primarily made of wood and cobblestone. The castle is primarily made of stone bricks, with dark oak spires. There's an outer area with a well and an inner area which contains a detailed banqueting hall.
  • The Wild West gold mine consists of a few branched tunnels with lots of gold ore, rails, minecarts, and spruce support beams. The main area includes a saloon, a bank, a graveyard, and some houses.
  • The future consists of an iron block spaceship with patches of prismarine and cobblestone/dead coral. There are space rocks made of dead coral, and assorted planets scattered around the outside in the distance, using varying palettes.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • The map has a secret ending that rewards 2 additional FFA Points if reached.
  • This is the second map from the Tomatoes.

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