The Wheel

The Wheel
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-jpw
Creator 1900JPinoy
Food Cooked Salmon x64

The Wheel is a Pure Parkour made by 1900JPinoy. It awards 4 points upon completion.


A cowboy named Jose has destroyed the dam, causing massive flooding. You and a few other survivors need to escape the flood, and the only safe spot in town is on top of the Ferris Wheel using "The Path."

The map contains mostly normal parkour along "The Path" with basic block jumps. The two main deviations are the dropper at the first corner turn and ladder parkour on The Wheel.

The map uses mostly oak wood and planks for the buildings and Ferris Wheel. The map is completely encased in glass, and is 1/4 filled with water.


The Wheel appears in one challenge: the Hexa Challenge.


  • You can see JP's Pyramids and Planets if you look outside the map. Both are also made by 1900JPinoy.
  • On top of the map is a fancy title of The Wheel.
  • The Wheel has been an HC map.