The Test

The Test
The Test.png
An overview from the start.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA
Mapcode 19t
Creator 1900JPinoy
Food None
Publication 22nd July 2012

The Test is a pure maze map by 1900JPinoy. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join 19t”.



The Test is a large 2D maze with corridors that are 2 blocks high and 1 block wide, simplistic in design.


A stretched checkerboard pattern of white and light blue wool lines all of the walls of this maze, with a glowstone floor and ceiling, and a layer of glass below the ceiling just above the player's head.


This map is featured in 3 challenges: 2012 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • The 1.16 update made it possible to f5 through the glass, so border blocks were placed above the glass to prevent people from doing this.

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