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Outside the Sphinx
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA+
Mapcode spx
Creator Autre
Food None
Publication May 20th, 2020

Sphinx is an adventure map by Autre. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join spx”.



Delve into the depths of the Sphinx in search of the mythical potion, Dragon's Breath! This adventure begins with the player being tasked by archaeologists to explore the sphinx. The player will then meet many different challenges in their search for the potion.


Sphinx begins with a set of riddle based puzzles ranging from a set of standard riddles to one about ore. The player is then met with the Catacomb maze, a small 2D maze but with many hidden passages to trick the player. The Halls of Vigilance is a standard parkour section consisting of mostly standard jumps with a few ladder jumps as well. The first Hall's floor is flooded with water so it is unlikely for the player to die from fall damage. The second Hall's floor is covered in lava where it is likely for the player to die. The first and only checkpoint of the map is located between the first Hall and the second Hall. The Tomb of Raj Talum is a puzzle where the player must decipher which bust to clean in order to open the next passage. Finally, in the Inner Sanctum, players must find the potion they were looking for.


Sphinx begins with the archeologists camp which uses a mix of orange and yellow terracotta to create the tents. The camp also has bundles of equipment, a research station, and a campfire. The Sphinx itself is made up of combinations of sand and red sand block variants with spruce added within the Sphinx rooms. The Catacombs have a darker theme with skulls and blood, represented by redstone, litter the maze. Vines and bundles of leaves are also used to show the overgrowth of the Sphinx. The Halls of Vigilance uses large pillars and broken staircase to facilitate the parkour. Gold desgins and Eyes of Horus cover the walls as well. In the first hall, water covers the floor while in the second, lava covers the floor. The Tomb of Raj Talum, a large morgue was constructed and busts were placed on the individual coffins. Chandeliers hang from above and bundles of leaves litter the floor. The Inner Sanctum holds many different ores such as diamond, iron, and quartz.


This map is featured in 3 challenges: Hexa, Odyssey, and A Journey Awaits.


  • Sphinx is Autre's first map to be voted into FFA+.

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