A Shot of the Cave Parkour
Map information
Reward 2 FFA Points
Difficulty Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode scu
Creator Bird_Obsession
Food None
Publication April 25, 2020

Scuba is an adventure map by Bird_Obsession. It rewards 2 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join scu”.



The player embarks on a scuba diving trip, but since they forgot their scuba suit, they must rely on other sources for air. The player discovers a cave, and after following it all the way through, they discover sunken treasure!


Scuba is an adventure map split into four distinct sections, with a clear split halfway through. The first section has the player jump into the water from the boat to begin their expedition. This section uses an interesting mechanic in which the player must use the submerged magma blocks to obtain air

The second section is set inside a wide underwater ravine. The player must find five numbers to discover a code. Once found, they must input the code by right-clicking blocks of wool located in a hidden room. Once the player has inputted the code correctly, a path will open, allowing the player to ride an "elevator" of water straight to the next section.

The third section is where the map begins to change. The player now finds themselves in a cave hidden beneath the water. To progress, the player must complete some parkour, including a few treacherous but easy jumps over a lava pool, some safe but more difficult jumps that don't send the player back if failed, and a very short crawling section requiring the player to maneuver around a corner.

The fourth and final section is a short maze. The layout is very small and compact, but the location of the exit adds a small hint of difficulty to the maze.


The open area found at the beginning of the map has rainy weather to add a layer of immersion to the experience. The water is clearly cold and is only lit up by the occasional sea lantern and sea pickle.

Most of the map uses blue and gray textures, such as lapis/diamond ores, prismarine blocks, and dead coral. In some locations, the brain and bubble coral are thrown in to add a splash of color.


This map is featured in three challenges: A Journey Awaits, Blue Oceans, and Hexa.


  • The building the end sign (and the treasure) is located in can be swam up to from the beginning, but not entered.
  • The map was published as a white map, worth 1 FFA Point. A change thread later changed this to 2.

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