The upper section of the map
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode sanc
Creator dxmx1
Food None
Publication September 22, 2020

Sanctuary is a pure parkour map by dxmx1. It rewards 1 FFA Point upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join sanc".


Traverse Sanctuary, an idyllic utopia where one roams free of judgement.


Simple parkour takes you from an initial cave, all the way around the largest of the multiple islands. You are eventually introduced to the main area where people are traversing Sanctuary. The parkour maintains its simple and easy nature, and weaves itself seamlessly into the temples that scatter the area. As the parkour takes you through some caves you find yourself at the ending area - a hot-air balloon ready for you to start exploring.


Sanctuary is located in the middle of a vast ocean. It comprises of multiple multi-layered islands that weave in and out of the map, with ribbon-like leaves weaving through the ins and outs of the area. People in the entirety of the map are enjoying what Sanctuary has to offer, and hot-air balloons seem to be a popular mode of transport!


This map is featured in only one challenge: Hexa.


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