Pixel Parkour

Pixel Parkour
Pixel Parkour.png
An overview of the parkour.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode pix
Creator cocacoakley
Food Salmon x64

Pixel Parkour is a mixed parkour created by cocacoakley. It rewards 12 points upon completion, and can be joined directly using the commands:

  1. /c join Pixel Parkour
  2. /c join pix



Players begin in a room with the credits of the map. After descending a long waterfall, players arrive in a massive glass box filled with many different pixel art creations of retro video game characters including: Mario, Kirby, Sonic and Mega Man. The first section of the map requires players to jump from ladder to ladder on Mario, a Space-Invader, and Sonic to make it to the emerald platform. The second section of the map is a 3D maze inside an enormous pokeball. The third and final section requires players to do the same type of parkour they did in the first section, but this time on more characters, eventually making it to the finish inside of a massive recreation of a minecraft cow.


Players begin inside a room of cocacoakly's old house, made out of oak planks. The hallway they run through to get to the main area has a floor of cakes, and the main room is a glass cube. The pixel art characters and the giant pokeball are made entirely out of various colors of wool.


This map is featured only in one challenge: Hexa.


  • Pixel Parkour is located right in front of the enormous mansion of one of the server's operators, now deceased, Sofalover. Greens+ can explore this mansion and view his memorial with "/warp sofa".
  • This map was featured in Hardcore 3.0-3.1 as the second map, and in Hardcore 4.0-4.1 as the first map.