Mob Parkour

Mob Parkour
Mob parkour.png
Parts of the town including the library.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode mob
Creator Drahmee
Food None
Publication December 25, 2010

Mob Parkour is a mixed parkour map by Drahmee. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join mob”.



Mob Parkour is a nosprint map, and jumps that are normally simple are much harder. The map starts with a very hard 3-1 jump, after it the jumps become much simpler. Most of the jumps are between buildings and are simpler yet still failable jumps to ladders or other roofs, and a drop down to the ground below means the player must completely restart the map. Mobs spawn in regularly on the ground, and a few buildings can have mobs spawn in them that are dangerous to the player.


Mob Parkour takes place in a small town with buildings made of stone and glass. Some buildings have wood roofs with cobblestone chimneys, and a couple of clotheslines can be found in the town. The centerpiece buildings are a large brick library with fences on the roof, and an obsidian building with lava surrounding it. A glass walkway at the top of the map allows players to overlook the city once at the top.


This map is featured in two challenges: Crippled Classics and Hexa.


  • For many years, Mob Parkour had a guess component at the end of the map, which the creator would change the answer to every so often. However, it was changed so that every path at the end of the map now leads to the end.

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