Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith
Minas tirith.png
A shot of the throne room at the top of the city.
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode min
Creators Kaddekes, Balloo, Nickman87, Donaldin87
Food None
Publication Early-2012

Minas Tirith is an adventure map by Kaddekes. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join min”.



Minas Tirith entails searching for the route to the final goal, the portal that will take you to the other world. Throughout the map, the player will be wandering through the Lord of the Rings city looking for clues about where to go next; whether this requires them to search an underground maze, guessing where to go through hidden areas, or completing parkour, the size of Minas will have the player in awe.


Throughout the map, a lot of stone base blocks are used in the block palette. This is due to the nature of how resources for the castle were gained at the time through survival mode. As well as this Minecraft was still in its very early stages, so the block choices were limited. There are a couple of throne rooms using iron, gold, and diamond blocks. Wool is also used towards the top of the map, one of Kadd's signature blocks.


This map is featured in five challenges: Kadd's Crazies, Rivers Run Red, 2012 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


Original article written by kaddekes

Builders: Nickman87, Donaldini87, Balloo, and Kaddekes Theme: a large city from Lord of the rings Kind: Puzzle with many hidden mazes and parkours Location: FFA+ Special thanks to: Sofaloafer, Nettesweib2011, C_dric, Boske88, Crazan21, Noisymanray, Detroyer75 and more

What started as a big project among IRL friends grew to a server project on which many helped. The big problem was that back in the time when Minas Tirith was built the map was not high enough yet for the city to fit. So we had to build it in a big pit which was completely dug out by hand (pickaxe). This is why many hands were needed.

The map itself holds many secrets, some leading nowhere and some leading deep underground. Your first challenge is to find the path leading inward. Although the correct path is linear, a large part is based on the open-world principle.


  • The surrounding area around Minas Tirith was all hand-dug out by players, as at the time the build limit was y128 and World Edit wasn't around to make the job much quicker. The city was also hand-built by a group of players and staff members.
  • Surrounding water pools in the caves that were dug out to achieve the final product, mass amounts of sponge were used to absorb the water.

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