Minas Tirith


Original article written by kaddekes
Builders: Nickman87, Donaldini87, Balloo and Kaddekes Theme: a large city from Lord of the rings Kind: Puzzle with many hidden mazes and parkours Location: FFA+ Special thanks to: Sofaloafer, Nettesweib2011, C_dric, Boske88, Crazan21, Noisymanray, Detroyer75 and more

What started as a big project among IRL friends grew to a server project on which many helped. The big problem was that back in the time when Minas Tirith was build the map was not high enough yet for the city to fit. So we had to build it in a big pit which was completely dug out by hand (pickaxe). This is why many hands where needed.

The Map itself hold many secrets, some leading nowhere and some leading deep underground. Your first challenge is to find the path leading inward. Although the correct path is linear, a large part is based on the open world principle.