A shot of the airplane
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode air
Creator Bird_Obsession
Food None
Publication March 8, 2020

Hangar is a pure parkour map by Bird_Obsession. It rewards 1 FFA Point upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join air”.



After landing your plane, you must open the hangar. However, the task won't be so easy...


This map contains four separate sections. The first requires parkouring on platforms around the plane to get inside the hangar. Once inside the hangar, the player must maneuver their way around support beams to reach the employee break room. This break room contains more parkour, including a slime block jump. Finally, the player reaches the vertical hallway, in which they must complete a few jumps to reach the button which opens the hangar.

Once the hangar is open, the player is required to run back to the plane they began in to finish the map.


The starting section is designed to look like a grassy area with player heads shaped like pigeons roaming freely. The landscape is made out of leaves and lime terracotta, while the runway is made out of a mix of black concrete and blocks of coal. The hangar is made out of stone blocks, with end rods being used for lighting. The break room has a red/white palette, with red nether bricks and quarts variants used for decoration, as well as a floor of lava covered by glass.


This map is featured in three challenges: Beginner Parkour Pack, White Waders, and Hexa.


  • After the player presses the button to open the hangar, they are silently teleported to a copy of the map, in which not only is the hangar open, but there are a few subtle differences. One example is the placement of pigeons.
  • Though tricky, it is entirely possible to backtrack around the map after opening the hangar to get on top of the plane. If done so, the player is treated with a secret sign.

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