Frosty City

Frosty City
Front view of the map, with most of the buildings in view.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA
Mapcode ccy
Creators Pieceofcheese,eagg2112,yeroc424
Food None
Publication October 2012

Frosty City is a mixed parkour map by pieceofcheese. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined using "/c join ccy".



The map opens with a ladder-based parkour section in a light colored building. After exiting this, there is a school named "Frosty Elementary" which has the puzzle section of the map. First players must find the hidden passageway up to the second floor, and then solve a puzzle located in the Janitor's closet to exit the school. Next is "Redstone Labs Inc.", a small iron building with a short search and parkour section. After this building is a stone-brick building with a picture of a water drop on the front, which contains some water parkour around the walls in order to climb to the top. After leaving this building, players enter the final building through a short underwater maze. The final building is an open area with the end sign on one of the walls.


All of the buildings use a different palette of blocks such as Iron and Birch wood, Cobblestone and bricks and Iron and Red wool. There are three other towers that cannot be entered in the center of the map, made of Gold blocks, Iron blocks and Lapis blocks. There is also a section of the original map, Cobble City, that was cut from the final map but remains connected to the last building.


This map is featured in four challenges: 2012 Assortment, Winter is Coming, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • This map was originally made entirely out of cobblestone and called "Cobble City". It was briefly published as such before yeroc424 approached pieceofcheese with an offer to redo its visuals, turning it into what the map is today.
  • The underwater maze was inspiration for a similarly designed maze in the water path of Viemort.

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