The first room, with the entrance to the maze in the center.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode pfb
Creator Pieceofcheese
Food None
Publication April 2013

Freezerburn is a mixed maze map by pieceofcheese. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined using "/c join pfb".



The map is split into three sections, one parkour and two mazes. The first room contains the parkour section, with ladder jumps on the walls that lead up onto the ceiling and into a drop to the first maze. The first maze is made of ice, signifying the "freezer" part of Freezerburn. It has a confusing shape, with many holes in the walls that lead to nowhere. After finding the exit to this maze, there is a checkpoint before players drop into the second maze called Burn. This maze has walls made of lava, and three layers. Each layer is more dangerous to traverse than the last, with the third layer being a one-block wide hallway next to lava. There are many holes placed all over this maze, with only one of them leading to the exit. After reaching the exit, players can see the maze from the outside by looking up.


The first room is made of netherrack, obsidian, glowstone and nether bricks. There is a void-like pattern made of purple wool on the floor, and winding glowstone lights on the ceiling that are later jumped on. The first maze is 2x1 blocks large and made of ice blocks, with the floor and ceiling made from nether bricks. The second maze is almost entirely made of lava, with only the floor being made of stone slabs on the first and second layers and nether bricks on the third. After finding the exit, the outside of the maze is a normal looking cave with obsidian pillars poking out of the ice on the top, showing all of the wrong exits.


This map is featured in four challenges: 2013 Assortment, Cheesefest, Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • This map is located directly next to a large abandoned build from an old user named Xentha, which has a similar aesthetic to the first room in Freezerburn.
  • This was Pieceofcheese's first completed map as a moderator.
  • There is an inaccessible easter egg located above the tunnel right before the drop into the lava maze that leads into a room, containing a sideways person and a sign saying "nothing to see here. move along."
  • The concept for the second maze in this map was very obviously inspired by HatterTheMad's lava maze.

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