Four Elements Air

Four Elements Air
The Open Air Space Looking at the Ender Dragon
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode fea
Creator Capry5
Food None
Publication July 12, 2020

Four Elements Air is a mixed parkour map by Capry5. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join fea”.



Part of the Four Elements Series, this map takes place in the open air area of the end, and is split into three distinct parts. First there are the three mini sections, each with their own parkour theme. The first is hopping from island to island, as you ascend to the chorus plants, and finally the first sign. If you fall in any of the areas, don't fret, as you will be tpd back up. The main idea of the first room is island parkour to chorus fruit! The second room sees the player jumping in the air from block to block, with a few tricky strafe jumps and some tricky ladders. The final room sees the player stepping on the magical smoke to get limited jump boost to reach the platforms. This then transitions into an indoor section with tricky neos and some tight parkour back outside for some tight head hitting jumps to the final sign.

After solving the three riddles, you do the final bit of indoor section, combining the ideas of all three previous rooms into one, with tricky chorus fruit, neo and strafe jumps, head hitters, and jump boost all combining in a bunch of small parts in this big section! After climbing the tower, you ascend to the third and final cp! There you solve another puzzle and are teleported to the top of the structure, doing levitation parkour and then more jump boost. Finally you reach the dragon in the sky and do tricky pane parkour, jumping into the mouth of it to complete the map.


This map leans into the end theming, purples and yellows abound. End stone and end bricks are used frequently throughout the whole map. Same with Purpur and Chorus Fruit. The top of the map is made of beautiful stained glass, giving view to the parkour you just did beneath, with the floating obsidian signaling the end of the map. Finally the dragon is incredibly detailed, with carpets, end rods, and panes making up this immaculate recreation. Throughout the outside are end islands, and two more flying mobs, nightmares and ghasts!


This map is featured in one challenges: Hexa.


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