Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest.png
A shot of the nest
Map information
Reward 2 FFA Points
Difficulty Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode crow
Creator Bird_Obsession
Food None
Publication April 19, 2020

Crow's Nest is a pure maze map by Bird_Obsession. It rewards 2 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join crow”.




Crow's Nest is a 3D corridor maze in which the player must find the exit. The player begins in a small room which leads directly to the centerpiece of the map: A large nest with crows flying overhead. The player must jump down a hole in the midst of the nest to reach the beginning of the maze. Randomly throughout the maze, the player will come across small rooms designed to give a bit more depth to the map.

Once the player finds the exit, they are sent back up to the nest, where they are able to "fly across" to reach the end sign.


The entire map uses a palette of leaves, dirt, wood variants, and black carpets. Small crow figures are spread throughout the map to give it more life. Within the maze, hidden behind leaves, glowstone is used for lighting.


This map is featured in three challenges: Beginner Maze Pack, Blue Oceans, and Hexa.


  • This map came into existence due to the creator's desire to build a map centralizing around birds, animals Bird_Obsession is famously obsessed with.

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