The main part of the map, a large purple and black city.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode cpt
Creators Pieceofcheese,IanAnth66,_Benjymon_
Food None
Publication March 2013

Corrupt is a mixed parkour map by Pieceofcheese, _Benjymon_ and IanAnth66. It rewards 12 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined using "/c join cpt".



An evil overlord, Waldo, has taken over a large city and corrupted it - turning its colorful vibrancy into a dark mix of purple and black. It is up to the player to traverse the evil town and reach Waldo Inc, the headquarters of Waldo himself, in order to confront Waldo and end his reign once and for all.


The map begins in a house at the opposite end of the city from Waldo Inc, the large building covering the northern wall. The first section ("Chapter 1") involves jumping between all of the buildings, doing parkour in each of them. The map's only maze can be found in the library, which is the third building the player enters. The parkour continues up to the two guard towers in front of Waldo Inc, where a button can be found that opens the front door of the building. This leads into Chapter 2, the traversal of Waldo Inc. The first room is a short search puzzle, followed by parkour in an archives room around some bookshelves. This leads into a cloning lab, where players jump across the cloning machines to reach some vents. This leads into the Weapon production bay, which has some ladder jumps and several headhitter jumps on the ceiling. The last room is the Heavy weapons storage bay, a room filled with TNT, a tank, and a rocket. This room is the longest stretch of parkour prior to the ending, consisting mostly of ladder jumps. Players are then confronted by Lord Waldo, who teleports the player into The End, where the final section of the map is located. There is a checkpoint here, since it is very easy to die in the last section due to fall damage. The final section is a long ladder parkour path, climbing on each of the three statues built on the island. If players are able to get inside Ian's statue, there is another checkpoint waiting there. There is then one final climb up the inside of Ian's statue, onto the Blaze Rod and finally on top of his head, where Waldo is destroyed once and for all by a swift punch to the head. The player is teleported back to the city with its colorful buildings restored.


The first part of the map is made almost entirely out of black and purple wool, with some nether brick blocks on the floors and the occasional section made of Iron Blocks. This continues into Waldo Inc. There are buildings on the walls that cannot be entered, and the city is encompassed in a black box with glowstone scattered about. The final section is vastly different in appearance, being in the open sky in the End. It is located on a floating island with obsidian pillars scattered about, and there are three large statues in the center. The ending room is a copy of the original city, but with all the buildings changed to a different palette of blocks instead of purple and black wool.


This map is featured in three challenges: 2013 Assortment, Odyssey, and Hexa.


  • The antagonist of this map was originally named Ian, after one of the creators of the map, IanAnth66. The purple and black aesthetic was designed to resemble IanAnth's Minecraft skin.
  • This map was used in Hardcore 8.0 and 8.1, which was in rotation from March 2018 to September 2019. Due to the unforgiving nature of the ladder parkour at the end of the map, it was one of the biggest causes of grief for some blues for whom parkour is not a strong suit.
  • The visuals for this map were heavily inspired by Funky Town, a map by PacksofPages.
  • The three statues in the last part of the map are the three creators, Pieceofcheese, _Benjymon_, and IanAnth66. Benjy's statue is holding an Emerald Pickaxe, an item that does not exist in Minecraft.
  • There are multiple c_dric heads hidden inside Waldo Inc.

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