Clocktower II

Clocktower II
Clocktower II.png
A shot of the tower
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode clk2
Creator Powik
Food None
Publication September 2, 2019

Clocktower II is a pure parkour map by Powik. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join clk2”.



Clocktower II has the player ascend a tall tower by parkouring around the sides. Although this map contains jumps that would generally be considered very hard for a yellow map (such as 3+1 head hitters), the checkpoints are numerous and the map is short. The final section after the last checkpoint requires the player to jump over to the map's neighbor, Clocktower, for a few jumps before finishing.


The map is similar to Clocktower in aesthetics, using mostly stone bricks, smooth stone, and white stained glass. Many iron bars and stone brick walls are used as supports for platforms.


This map is featured in two challenges: 2019 Assortment, and Hexa.


  • Clocktower II is the sequel to Clocktower, a pure maze map.
  • When first created, Clocktower II was known as Clock'n tower. This was changed during the review process to make the name simpler.

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