A shot of the first valley.
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA+
Mapcode ckf
Creator spolendina
Food None
Publication February 18, 2020

Chaoskampf is an Adventure map by spolendina. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join ckf".



In this map, you play the role of Seamus, who is a soldier during peacetime. Your brother is Jonah and your father is Rickard. Years ago, Rickard was also a soldier, and whilst under orders, he took part in the massacre of a small village. After the war ended, Rickard returned home, but he was traumatised by his previous actions, causing him to grow mentally ill. Jonah was a prodigy of science, and he decided to develop a device that could cause Rickard to forget his past. However, Rickard dies before Jonah can complete the device - Jonah too falls ill, and Seamus returns home to care for his brother, who then asks him to seek out a wizard who can cure him of his disease.


The map is a fairly standard Adventure, consisting of Parkour, Puzzle, Maze and Search. Players must complete a fairly linear adventure, going through long sections of parkour and maze, with occasional puzzles and search. The map features one large maze, and multiple expansive rooms of parkour. Players interact with armor stands which then speak to the player with chat scripts throughout the map. Players step on gray glazed terracotta to read Seamus' thoughts. There are also several "cutscene" type areas where the player reads dialogue whilst events unfold.


The aesthetics vary throughout the map. The opening area is a large green valley full of vibrancy, which transitions into a darker temple which includes the maze, which consists of a palette of dirt, stone, pumpkins and oak logs, amongst other blocks. Other areas include a large chamber with blue terracotta types, a huge castle and an underground lava cavern.


This map is featured in five challenges: Follow Freeman, Hexa, Insane Parkour Pack 3 - Mixed Mania, The Badlands and 'Seamus, Jonah and Rickard'.


  • Chaoskampf was originally designed to be entered into the 2018 Adventure Map competition, but was not finished until early 2020.
  • Like most maps by spolendina, the map is full of poems hidden throughout the map. Such poems are by these poets: Seamus Heaney, Wilfred Owen, Robert Browning, Simon Armitage and Beatrice Garland.
  • Chaoskampf won the 2020 Map of the Year award.

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