Cave Collapse

Cave Collapse
Ccl 2.png
A look into the mysterious library
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode ccl
Creator AverageIPA
Food None
Publication October 20, 2019

Cave Collapse is a mixed parkour map by AverageIPA. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join ccl”.



This map features wide open library spaces, filled with classic block and ladder parkour! From the mysterious entrance, you see a library, and from there the parkour begins. You go through the first room to wide open and branching paths of the second part of the library. From there you parkour around tunnels, doing 3+1s and four blocks aplenty to get to the studies, each with one puzzle, totalling two in all. After the puzzles, there are another few sections in the second section of the library, leading to the final ascent of the big tower room of the library. In this room you ascend around and in a tower around a section that is burning down, making sure to avoid fire, until you get to the final section. From there, you traverse a lava filled cave tunnel to the miner camp, where you can relax after your escape and get the end sign!


Starting Average's trend of making exceptionally detailed maps, this map features expansive library spaces. Starting with the opening area, we see a cave in, and have to venture into the mysterious library buried in the caves. Books, crafting tables, lecterns, and chairs adorn the halls of the first room, with the main pallet being that of an oak one. Then in the second section, we get a darker more cozy dark oak based area, complete with seats and a cozy hearth to sit by. The walls and floors here are also expertly detailed. Then we get to the puzzle rooms, big expansive rooms filled with books, and a sea lantern for input! Finally traversing through the rest of the dark oak, the player reaches the birch book tower! In this room, it is much of the same, books and expert adorning, but there are cauldrons filled with water all around, and fire too, burning down the tower. Finally in the last section, you traverse a lava filled tunnel, with ores on the walls, and lava covering the floor to get to the end and the camp and stairs out that await!


This map is featured in two challenges: 2019 Assortment, and Hexa.


  • The First Map from AverageIPA with a sequel on the way soon(tm).
  • This is one of quite a few red maps taking place in a mysterious library!

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