Several areas of the map including iconic areas from the board game of the same name.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode can
Creators IanAnth66, _Benjymon_
Food None
Publication January 15, 2013

Candyland is a pure parkour map by IanAnth66 and _Benjymon_. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join can”.



In Candyland, the player follows the board path of the game by the same name, starting at the Gingerbread Tree and ending at the castle. It primarily consists of tougher ladder jumps, with much of the map being completely or partially unfailsafed. In addition, there are multiple slime jumps which players may struggle with. A checkpoint can be found in the house representing Peanut Acres.


The map is based off the board game Candy Land, with a path similar to the one in Candy Land running through the map. Large candy such as lollipops, candy canes, and gumdrops decorate the path representing the areas of the board, all built almost entirely out of wool. The entire map is contained within a blue box simulating the sky.


This map is featured in 5 challenges: Intermediate Parkour Pack, Tasty Planet, Sightseeing 2021, Hexa, and 2013 Assortment.


  • The current version of Candyland was added to FFA on May 12, 2020. A much older version of Candyland exists which is currently inaccessible.

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