A shot of the aboveground area, showing both sides of the ravine
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode azt
Creator Scylite_ & ilikefishees_
Food None
Publication April 17, 2021

Aztec is a pure parkour map by Scylite_ and ilikefishees_ it is currently worth 18 points and can be joined directly via '/c join azt'.



The story, while not directly mentioned, follows an explorer lost while searching for the coveted waters of youth hidden somewhere within the sprawling ruins of the jungle.


As the player drops into the map, they are faced with the starting ascent. Once they reach the top they are given an open shot of the main ruins which features the rest of the 'standard' parkour before checkpoint one. In this section they are meant to parkour around the ruins and into an ice tunnel. From here the redstone based parkour starts. Following a timed parkour and a tricky water section, the player reaches the second checkpoint. As they maneuver through the underground ruins, the player is given the choice of a redstone or non-redstone path. The map ends with the descent into a lush cave.


The map starts with a jungle type area, with dozens of hand crafted trees and one large ruin towards the center. The upper section is split in two by a ravine. However, the other side is not used in the core gameplay. After checkpoint 1 the player drops into a catacomb type section where they have to go from room to room completing various parkour challenges.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa


  • This was both Scylite_ and ilikefishees_ first map and was originally going to be named 'The Odyessey'.
  • This map was entirely hand placed, mainly because the creators were unaware of the existence of world edit at the time.

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