A shot from inside the Fish Tank.
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode aqua
Creator RomanTheEvil
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication May 4, 2011

Aquarium is a pure maze map by RomanTheEvil. It rewards 18 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join aqua”.



This entire maze is set underwater, except for the the start and the end. Players must navigate through this enormous 3D maze by swimming, and can only catch their breath at occasional air pockets. These intervals between air refreshments used to be a lot tighter before the 1.13 update to Minecraft, when players weren't able to go into a swimming mode. Since 1.13, moving through the maze and getting to air pockets is a lot faster and less dangerous, but the maze is still huge, and its design very confusing.


The player begins at the top of a tower, with credits inside. Sky Parkour can be seen just off the the east, along with other builds by RomanTheEvil. This is the only view of the outside world players get before dropping into the maze below. Aquarium is infamous for its dark and harrowing atmosphere, using few lights in what is already a dim setting because of its underwater setting. These lights are Jack O' Lanterns, and they are always placed right above air pockets. On the floor of the bottom layer are lava lights separated from the water by glass, evenly divided. Other than these lights, the entire maze is made out of stone.


This map is featured in six challenges: The A-Team, Hard Maze Pack, Rivers Run Red, 2011 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Aquarium is an HC veteran, having been featured in Hardcore 2.0–2.1 as the 4th map in a choice between at and J's Jumpcourse, 3.0 as the 3rd map, 4.0-4.1 as the 2nd map, and 5.0 as the 2nd map.
  • If players make a wrong choice near the start, they will end up in the "Fish Tank" (as depicted in the thumbnail), an infamous room in which the map teases players by referring to them as "fishies", and in which the end sign is visible but hopelessly out of reach.

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