A Whittle Story

A Whittle Story
A Whittle Story.png
A downward-facing view of the first room in the map.
Map information
Reward 3 FFA Points
Difficulty Normal
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-aws
Creator rmanimal
Food Golden Carrot x32

A Whittle Story is a short pure parkour map that focuses prominently on fence parkour.

It can be accessed using either of these commands:

  1. /c join A Whittle Story
  2. /c join aws


The majority of the map is spent escaping oil drums and seeking shelter. You are abandoned by fellow workers and must find some means to escape.


It is one of many maps in the Hexa Challenge and it is the 2nd map in the Intermediate Parkour Pack.


  • The map originally ended at the end of the 3rd room, but was obviously too short.
  • The player originally would spawn in the sound effect dead end in the 1st room, but was moved into the main entry when done.
  • The 2nd room has a secret sign which gives a shout-out to Pro_Luma for help designing the crates.