An overview of the map, with the giant bar in view.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode z9b
Creator zdemon98
Food None
Publication April 17, 2017

9-Ball is a pure parkour map by zdemon98. It rewards 12 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join z9b”.



The player starts the map inside of a cue ball near the center of the table. From here, they must parkour and decide which path to take, often unable to return should they choose the wrong path. The parkour itself consists of many head-hitter jumps inside of the pool balls. If at any point the player falls, they must return to the start of the map through death or complete short parkour at the back of the cue ball. The map ends at the eight ball, and players must input a code after they reach it.


The map is made to resemble a large pool table, complete with a set of 9 pool balls. Colored wool is used to create most of the balls, but the 7-ball uses nether bricks instead. The felt of the pool table and holes are made out of green and black wool, respectively, and the trim is made using spruce wood. The trim also uses both types of weighted pressure plates to represent various markings on the table. Surrounding the pool table is a giant bar, several large paintings, and a window.


This map is featured in three challenges: 2017 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Despite the massive room the map takes place in, the majority of it is inaccessible. The only playable areas of the map are on or within the pool table.

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