An image of the chests puzzle
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location Board
Mapcode 7x7
Creator dozzie89
Food None
Publication April 3, 2020

7x7 is a pure puzzle map by dozzie89. It used to reward 4 FFA Points upon completion, and could be joined directly using “/c join 7x7”. However, due to an update the map is currently broken and technically resides in a Board state.



The entire map consists of redstone-related puzzles, starting from more simple puzzles, and gradually becoming more difficult. The puzzles involve buttons, redstone repeaters, pressure plates, and comparators, as well as some other blocks that activate redstone currents.


The map mostly consists of compact, square-shaped rooms, in a 7x7 grid. The first two rooms consist of quartz pillars and quartz blocks with "I"-shaped indentures on the walls, the rail puzzle consists of dungeon-like blocks such as mossy cobblestone and cracked stone bricks, the chest puzzle consists of blocks that correspond to the chests near them, and the final four rooms consist of varying palettes, each with their own unique theme.


This map was featured in 2 challenges: Novice Puzzle Pack, and Hexa.


Due to the 1.17 update, the map broke and was removed in early August of 2021.

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