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The second section of the map Zen.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA+
Mapcode zen
Creators Dumbmutt, _Trains_
Food None
Publication May 2020

Zen is a pure parkour map by Dumbmutt and _Trains_. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join zen”.



The gameplay in the first section of this level consists of ladder parkour, as well as parkour on bamboo, which have carpet on them. The bamboo with carpet acts similar to a normal block, although crouching too close to the edge can occasionally make you fall off the edge. The next section consists of some fence parkour that leads underground where you go through a lava section before coming back out to finish the level.


The map has a Japanese-style zen garden theme, which starts in a bamboo forest, and then transitions into a beautiful house with a lake in front of it.


This map is featured in 3 challenges: Colors of the Rainbow, Novice Parkour Pack and Hexa.


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