World Two-ur

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Original article written by IanAnth66

After sitting completed for about 6 months, IanAnth66 and pieceofcheese87 finally present:

After waking up from cryostasis after the events of World Tour, our hero returns to a simple life of poverty in the plains. With a measly gravel house, he attempts to live a life of seclusion for the rest of his days. However, one fateful day, he wakes up to find something gargantuan casting a massive shadow on his abode. He couldn't believe his eyes, for it was...

The World Two-ur. (pronounced too-er)

Parkour through the 8 new biomes to reach the End and complete the second tour. There will be action, danger, romance, but most of all, adventure. You must prepare yourself for what lies ahead. The road will not be easy, but I can assure you, it will be worth every second.

The biomes featured include:

The Savannah: The first and easiest biome on the tour, but potentially the most frightening. Parkour through acacia trees and try to keep the screams bottled up inside.

The Mesa: Go through a red rock canyon in the second biome of the tour. The twisting caves will confuse even the most grounded of players. Be warned, some say that there's even lava in some of the caves! Some players even reported hearing the cookie monster somewhere in the canyon...

The Roofed Forest: The third biome on the tour is a thick forest with a huge mushroom growing through the middle. Steer clear of the leaves as you make your way around the base of the mushroom, and eventually inside. Be careful not to get trapped in the never-ending mushroom corridor!

The Swamp: Taken right out of a witch village, the Swamp is the fourth visit in the tour. Although all the witches are long gone, you can still see remnants of their village. Parkour through the treetops and through the magic clouds to exit. Keep an eye out for the old emerald vault!

The Jungle: The fifth biome in the tour, and the last biome in the first stretch is the Jungle. Make your way through the jungle trees, and overcome the cocoa bean parkour to make your way up to the canopy. Find the path up and out to finish the first stretch of the tour. I heard there's a way to escape the tour through this biome...

The Ice Spikes: The ice spikes are when things start to heat up. They are the sixth biome, final stretch. Make your way up the towering ice spikes to finish this level. There are plenty of ladders, and leaps of faith. Don't look down!

The Nether: The seventh biome is the lava filled nether. Go through 2 fortresses, and many soul sand jumps. Make sure not to fall in the lava! At the end of this biome is a peculiar portal...

The End: The end biome is the end of the map, how fitting. The eighth and final biome will cast you out into the depths of the end, where nobody can hear you scream. This biome will put your skills to the test, with the most intense challenges in the map. Try and overcome many, many ladders, and even invisible blocks. It is truly a grueling final level.