Original article by rmanimal

In the final months of 2015, I joined Mario_Blue in his mostly made map of what would become the first version of Trek. After working on it for weeks, we had completed the first version of the map. With remaking it twice, it looked much different than it started off as.

First Room

V1 At first this room had no ore decorations and was entirely stone. A ladder led down to a very limited view of the hospital covered by darkness as it was deep into a hole in the ground.

V2 This room now contained ores, but still had a ladder going down to the hospital.

V3 The hospital now became the start area, with a red curtain surrounding it. You could now enter the hospital to an extent. The ladder was replaced by a windy cave to nowhere.

Giant Room

V1 The biggest room in the map had lots of issues. It firstly little differented from a rectangle, and the parkour was much more difficult. You had to jump on mobs, which even included a non-nether mob Skeleton, to get to soulsand floating blocks. Afterward you had to do a life/death guessing game after many fails which only lead to even more insane jumps. The room was filled to the brim with unnecessary signs with no relevance to the story.

V2 The mobs and floating blocks were replaced by netherrack jumps and a giant soulsand spire. The room now had tons of intrusions in the wall, floor and ceiling. The unnecessary signs were removed. The Mid-CP was now moved to rman's Secret Quartz Room. Soulsand and Glowstone now were part of the main blocks list of the room.

V3 The room was made to be fairer and easier. The luck guessing for the right way to continue was changed so you'd be set partway back up if you could do the parkour. The Mid-CP now had a path to the part right before the choose to continue bit. Certain jumps in the room became easier. Different route to get across the lava river was made.

The Maze

V1 Originally the Mid-CP was in this maze in an odd corner of the wall. You could do wall-hugging to get to the exit as well.

V2 The maze now can't be done with wall rules, and the Mid-CP here got moved.

The Oddball Room

V1 Amazingly this room was an Ice Maze at first that you had to navigate.

V2 The room was turned into a luck guessing hole puzzle, inspired by the one in the map Atari.

Final 2 Parkour Rooms

V1 The 2nd last parkour room had more ceiling jumps and was overall easy. The final room barely had any jumps, probably 5-6 before the end.

V2 Holes that make you redo large portions if fallen into removed. More Soulsand and Glowstone in these areas.

V3 There were now no floating blocks in the 2nd last room. The routes through the two rooms were changed, now you had to go into dents in the wall at certain spots to parkour through. The final room was given a proper difficulty balance with 3 of the final jumps in a lava-filled dent room in the wall.