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Titles are a way to display a distinguished achievement a player has accomplished. Titles are usually obtained from beating the most difficult [[Challenges]], but there are other methods for obtaining some titles. Three titles currently exist on the server.
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== Title Rarities ==
Titles are separated by how common the title is among users. Titles are separated into five rarities/tiers, and can fluctuate over time. The fifth tier is the highest. Titles display above the player's head when enabled.
== Existing Titles ==
=== The Hero Title ===
The Hero Title is by far the most common title, since it's method of obtainment isn't insane to accomplish and infinitely available to obtain. In order to receive this title, you must firstly be the fastest player in the [[Weekly Challenge]], then complete [[The Path of Heroes Challenge]]. It is a 3rd tier title.
=== The Hexagonal Title ===
This title is by far the most ridiculous one to accomplish currently, requiring players to beat the [[Hexa Challenge]]. One person currently owns this title. This is a fifth tier title.
=== The Mazecomp 2018 Title ===
This title is so far the only event-restricted title, rewarded to 1st place in the [[Maze Competition 2017-2018]]. It was given to the player [[The_Fire_Ghoul]].
== Title Commands ==
All commands related to titles stem from the /titles command (not to be confused with the vanilla Minecraft /title command).
=== Setting a Title ===
/titles set <title>
Allows you to set your 'title display' to the title specified, if unlocked to the player.
=== Clearing a Title ===
/titles clear
Clears the title (if any) displayed above the player's head.
=== Listing Available Titles ===
/titles list
Shows all of the unlocked titles you currently have (if any).
=== Seeing Your Current Title ===
/titles current
Tells the player what title they currently are displaying (if any).
== Trivia ==
*There is only one title that currently has more than one person owning it, which is the Hero title.
*The Hexagonal title was accomplished for the first and only time ever by [[rebplane]] on January 31st.
== Gallery ==
HexagonalTitle.png|One of the pictures taken directly after [[rebplane]] beat the [[Hexa Challenge]].

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