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|- ! scope="row" data-th="Map"| | data-th="Creator(s)"| | data-th="Map Types"| | data-th="Difficulty"| | data-th="Location"| | data-th="Map Code"| | data-th="Publication"|

1 refers to the map name (e.g. 'Napped).

2 refers to the first creator (e.g. rickyboy320). If this equals Minr, it will give a dagger symbol for it as well.

3 and 4 refer to the 2nd and 3rd creators of a map, if they exist (e.g. skyerzz).

5 refers to the Map Types (e.g. Parkour) [You'll have to do these yourself as I'm not double-bracket checking for 4 types].

6 refers to the Difficulty, possibly will be colored, too? (E.g. 12 Points).

7 refers to the Location (e.g. FFA).

8 refers to the Map Code (e.g. npd).

9 refers to the Publication (e.g. January 14, 2014).

10 refers to maps with multiple point values. It just leaves an indicator for the specifications at the bottom of the list.