Server Rules


In order to give a better understanding and more solid stance on rules, this is the single document defining the rules of These rules also extend to the server's discord. Changes to this document will be announced on the forums and/or discord, and will not be strictly enforce before being changed.

If a player sees someone breaking the rules, please message a staff member (orange or dark green). Alternatively, players can fill out a report on our forums:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the server!


Offenses are rules that when broken, can result in warnings, mutes, kicks, or bans. Punishment lengths are suggestions and staff are allowed to increase or decrease the severity of punishments as they see fit. Staff are also allowed to bypass warnings if they see fit. The severity and frequency of infractions can also affect punishments. Repeated offenses may lead to an indefinite ban. Unless otherwise stated, all bans are permanent until appealed! Jump to I was banned / submitting an appeal for more information on appealing a ban.

Using caps lock in excess / spamming chat.

  • (1 Warning may be given)
  • Punishment: ranges from 15 minute mute to 1 month temp ban.
  • Punishment may escalate to a ban on repeated offenses.
  • Suggested appeal time: 3 months.
    • Everyone knows that keyboards don't magically get stuck in caps-lock mode, so don’t use that as an excuse.

Asking for help / food / special powers / OP

  • Punishment: Warning, escalated to mute or temp-ban lasting up to 1 month.
  • Punishment may escalate to a ban on repeated offenses.
  • Suggested appeal time: 3 months.
    • We promote internally. Players are not from Planet Minecraft, and their family member does not work for Mojang, etc.
    • Certain maps solutions (Puzzles, Searches, etc.) can result in a map being easier than intended.
  • See also: Giving answers in public or private chat

Swearing in excess / chat topics

  • Punishment: Warning, escalated to mute or temp-ban lasting up to 1 month.
  • Punishment may escalate to a ban on repeated or extreme offenses.
  • Suggested appeal time: 3 months.
  • We understand that challenge servers can be rage-inducing, but members are still expected to behave.
  • Swearing is allowed, but the following is not:
    • Excess vulgarity / swearing for the sake of it; This is considered spam.
    • Derogatory slurs / politics / sexuality / mature, NSFW, or lewd subject matter.
      • Sensitive topics can be discussed on the forums where a more thought out discussion can be facilitated.
    • Attacks directed at another player.

Harassing other players

  • Punishment: Warning, escalating to mute, temp-ban lasting up to 1 month, or permanent ban.
  • Suggested appeal time: 6 months.
    • This is pretty self explanatory, don’t bother others if they asked to be left alone.
    • There is a significant different in swearing and swearing at someone, the latter will not be tolerated.
    • Offensive names and skins can also be considered harassment.
      • Depending on severity, users will be given an opportinuty to change the offending name or skin before being banned.
    • Any harassment that is lewd or sexual in nature may result in a ban without appeal.

Exploiting glitches or large shortcuts

  • Punishment: Warning, escalating to indefinite ban.
  • Suggested appeal time: 3-12 months, depending on severity and type of exploit used.

Our maps are rigorously tested for bugs in order to provide a solid platforming experience. However, with the number of updates the server has gone through, mechanical changes allow for older maps to be played in unintended ways.

  • A shortcut is defined as any method that allows the player to circumvent the original map creator's intended way of completing the map. The primary cause of shortcuts is usually design flaws.
  • A skip (or glitch) is defined as any method that allows a player to skip a significant portion of a map. The primary cause of skips is usually game mechanics changing, or player skills evolving over time.
  • An exploit is defined as any method the player uses to circumvent the game's mechanics. This can include brining foreign items into a map, or using commands that are not meant to be used in that map.
    • Exploits can only be performed with deliberate action, and are therefore, always considered to be rule breaking.
    • Skips are normally obvious in nature, and are expected to be reported to staff when discovered.
    • Shortcuts may not be noticed by all players, but anyone repeating a map multiple times (or Speedrunning a map) is expected to have learned the intended route and recgonize unintended shortcuts and skips.
  • If an issue is discovered, please report it on the forums.
  • Players that knowingly use skips or exploits are expected to report them within the day of discovering them.

  • Using multiple accounts to gain advantages in maps is considered an exploit.
  • Any maps that involve preparing or setting up sections for faster completion are considered skips.
  • Rapidly connecting and disconnecting from server to avoid damage/negative gameplay consequences is considered an exploit.

Giving answers in public or private chat

  • Punishment: Warning, escalating to ban.
  • Suggested appeal time: 1-12 months, depending on severity.
    • Many of our maps feature challenges that become much easier if the solution is known.
    • The exception to this rule is if the players both have completed the map, or are actively working together on the map. In most cases, this means being in the same section of a map, and within eyesight of the other player. Players should use private messages (/msg and /r) to discuss puzzles and mazes.

Knowledge of hacking / cheating / shortcuts

In the event that staff determine a player knows of another user that is breaking the rules (in relation to playing fairly) but chose not to report them, they may be punished for the equivalent offense. It is important to staff that we fix exploits and shortcuts in a timely manner.

IP bans

IP bans may be issued by staff in any instance where 1 or more accounts are committing infractions from the same location. IP bans can only be overturned with an appeal.

Inexcusables (General)

Inexcusables are offenses that can escalate directly to a ban (without warnings) in most cases and are indefinite until appealed. These include:

Advertising for another server

  • Suggested appeal time: 6 months.
    • This is seen on a direct attack on the server, and will result in an immediate ban.
    • Naming a popular server (____craft or ____plex) is allowed in moderation.
  • This applies to advertising other discord servers as well.

Account swapping

  • Suggested appeal time: 12 months.
  • This may result in the user's account being reset.
    • Swapping with another player is considered cheating, regardless of circumstances.

Alternate Accounts / Ban Evasion / Impersonating staff

  • Suggested staff action: ban of alternate account + additional actions based on other rules broken.
  • Using an alternate account or ban evading may result in the user's account being reset.
    • In order to more accurately track players, alternate accounts are not allowed.
    • We consider players at the individual level, not account level.
    • Dodging bans will only result in angering staff and longer ban times.
    • Alternate accounts entering HC may result in additional punishments levied against the individual.
    • With permission from staff, greens may use alternates as part of the map-testing process, but for no other use.
  • Impersonating staff can be met with a permanent ban.

Use of gameplay altering mods

  • Suggested appeal time: 12 months.
  • This may result in the user's account being reset.
    • This includes things like minimaps, freecams, hacked clients, etc.
    • Optifine, shaders, and music modifiers are allowed as they do not change the mechanics of the game.
    • Visual or musical modifications to a player's client can make certain maps uncompletable in their intended state.

Inexcusables (For Greens)

Re-entering any part of hardcore

  • Suggested appeal time: 24 months.
    • Even if the user doesn't interact with anyone this is still very incriminating.

Griefing any part of the map

  • Suggested appeal time: 48 months.
  • This may result in the user's account being reset.
    • This is one of the oldest servers in existence, with the number of griefing incidents being in the single digits. Please don’t add onto that list.
    • Entity-based griefing is also considered griefing.

Abuse of elevated permissions

The intent of this section / related subsections is to affirm that greens need to tackle published maps fairly.

  • Suggested appeal time: 12-48 months, depending on severity.
  • This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Setting homes inside of maps.
      • Homes at the start (within clicking distance of the starting checkpoint or in the starting room) of maps are allowed if the player has already beaten that map. The rules below still apply.
    • Taking unintended movement mechanics (Creative / Spectator modes, enderpearls, elytra, etc.) inside published maps is not allowed, and is considered abuse of elevated permissions.
      • The exception to this rule is if the player is with the admin team to identify issues with published maps, or spectating another player (see section below for more details on spectating).

Abuse of elevated permissions cont'd - Spectating other players.

  • Suggested appeal time: 24-48 months, depending on severity.
  • Bans that fall under this rule may be unappealable.

Spectating other players is allowed, but only under the following strict conditions:

  • Greens cannot use creative mode to spectate unwilling parties. The consent of the player in the map must be given.
  • Greens cannot use creative mode to spectate in maps they have not completed.

This privilege also has the following clarifications:

  • In parkour sections of maps, the spectator is allowed to show other players how to complete certain jumps.
    • In sections of maps other than parkour, the spectator cannot provide any assistance, even if the player has already completed that section of the map.
      • i.e., If a player beats the first part of a multi-puzzle sequence and later restarts the map, the spectator is not allowed to lead them through that section of the map.
    • Greens are not allowed to use creative mode to map mazes, even if they have already beaten the map.
    • Greens are not allowed to use creative mode to determine or practice speedrun routes, even if they have already beaten the map.

About bans

  • Unless otherwise stated, bans are permanent.
  • The suggested appeal times above are only a recommendation on how long to wait before appealing the ban.
  • Staff are allowed to use their own judgement per appeal, and may allow early appeals or decline ones past the suggested time frame.

I was banned / submitting an appeal

If a player was banned, they likely broke one of the rules. In order to get unbanned, they will need to fill out an appeal at:

Players should fill out all information honestly and to the best of their knowledge. Lying will not help their case. In the event that the appeal is accepted and the suggested minimum ban time has not yet elapsed, it is up to staff to determine whether or not the player can come back early.

Keep in mind that the banning staff member has first say in the appeal. If the banning staff member cannot be determined, or is no longer active, the owner (or admins via panel) will decide.

In most cases there is a three appeal limit, although there have been a few historical exceptions. Any appeal past the third requires a 100% unanimous approval by a multi-admin panel (lead by the server owner) to judge the case. The owner reserves the right to automatically deny appeals past the third.

Responding to an appeal (as a third party)

Third parties should only post if they have relevant information. This can include who the banning staff member was, linking to previous appeals / screenshots, etc. Unless the player was one of the parties involved with the ban, their opinion is not relevant information.