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Points are the main reward on the server, obtained by completing Maps and Challenges. They are awarded at the end of both and the number awarded varies depending on their difficulty. Currently, there are three types of points.

FFA Points[edit]

FFA Points, often referred to as points, are the original point type and the most commonly acknowledged. They are awarded upon completing published Maps. This, however, excludes maps residing in The Valley, The Board, or in Hardcore.

Ancient Style[edit]

At the inception of the server, it utilized the ancient style, granting every single map a single point reward regardless of difficulty. This would lead to problems in the reward system as more maps were made, albeit at this time points had no reward incentive. This eventually transitioned into the Airship Style of points.

Airship Style[edit]

This is the longest-existing style of points, being in effect for well over half of the server's lifetime. The style divides maps into five difficulties, each rewarding points in a linear fashion. The colors and values proceeded as follows:

Airship Style Points
Blue 1
Green 2
Yellow 3
Orange 4
Red 5

Achieving 20 points for the first time will let you gain access to the Blue rank, and therefore Hardcore with this style. This eventually transitioned into the Modern Style with the realization that a new system needed to be developed for the drastic increase in the skill gap between new and old players.

Modern Style[edit]

This is the current style of points being used. In stark contrast to the airship style, the points vary semi-exponentially with each increment of difficulty. Likewise, it added the white and black difficulties to account for the skill gap between novices and veterans. The current colors and values proceed as follows:

Modern Style Points
White 1
Blue 2
Green 4
Yellow 7
Orange 12
Red 18
Black 25

With the change in points, the process of obtaining Blue rank modernized as well. It no longer is directly synced with entering Hardcore successfully, but occurs automatically when the player reaches 35 points. It is no longer required to enter Hardcore to get Blue rank.

Challenge Points[edit]

Challenge Points, most often shortened to C-Points, are the point type introduced with Challenges. They are awarded to the player upon the successful completion of a challenge. The amount awarded is dependent on the difficulty of the challenge.

Currently, there is no use for Challenge Points, but there are plans to change this in an upcoming update.

Daily Points[edit]

Recently with the push to have consistent point values with challenge difficulty, challenges increased the point rewards across the board. Along with this change came the divergence of Daily Points; it is the reward for challenges with changing maps based on time (Daily and Weekly Challenges).

Global Points[edit]

Global Points (G-Points) are the most recent point type, catering to the speedrunning community. It is similar to FFA Points, except they are based on map completion time and placement ranking within it. There is no use for these.

Checking Points and Placement[edit]

For checking someone's points, the command is /c points <player>. For checking your own, ignore the <player> portion. If the player Dracula ran /c points with 2 Points, 5 "Stagnant Points," and 4 G-Points, it would display like this:
[MCP] Dracula has 2 Points (0%).
[MCH] Dracula has 5 (5 + 0) Challenge Points (#365).
[MCP] Dracula has 4 Global Points (#1137).
The first line displays the regular Points next to the percent of total points obtained, the second displays total C-Points (along with the split between stagnant and daily C-Points) with Challenge ranking, and the final line shows G-Points along with Global ranking.


  • It is unknown whether this was intentional or not, but the second line of the /c points command output displays "MCH" at the beginning instead of "MCP."
  • Daily Points were calculated by subtracting the soon-to-be Stagnant Points number by the challenges completed from the total C-Points number. Because Zatharel had 12 C-Points and beat only the Welcome to Hell Challenge totaling 50, he wound up with a calculated Daily Points amount of -38.
  • Null times still count towards G-Points. For example, despite TheForgottenUser's completely uncharted times in his /c ffa, he still has G-Points.