Path of Choices

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Original article written by henniboy321

After playing multiple singleplayer parkour maps, I found the inspiration to make a map using single player gimmicks on a multiplayer server. With the release of theta, and while taking a break from making outpost, I started creating 8 sections each with its own gimmick.

Realising that not all players enjoy all gimmicks I introduced a choice into 2 similar gimmick, hence the name "path of choices". Each choice has its own palette and building style. To give players the chance to come back on their decision, a checkpoint was added before each choice. The end of a room is marked by a gold block.

The first choice using a futuristic palette is between speed and slowness. The speed section, generally, is harder but allows for a better speedrun time and is shorter. You parkour through a hallway using speed (this was mainly inspired by the great race 3). The slowness was the obvious adversary of speed. You will parkour around a modern building trying to get to that gold block.

The second choice is a nether themed one. The options are either jump boost or no jump parkour. This last one was the first innovative section of the map as it is not seen anywhere else on the server.

The third choice is again modern based but this time both in hallways. The players will choose between parkouring with obstacles (a spin-off of timed parkour) or parkouring with mobs harrasing you, which I jokingly called mobstacles.

The fourth and last choice is more medieval based with a palette containing wood and stone bricks. The choice here goes between a timed elytra section which you have to do flawlessly in order to succeed or a boat on ice section that challenges you to control a boat in a very slippery enviroment.

The map is inspired by mostly singleplayer maps and hopes to inspire others to use the gimmicks found in this map, for future maps. Even though I'm not entirely happy with the map its aesthetics, I certainly am proud of the mechanics behind the map.