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| caption = The starting area and the entrance hole.
| caption = The starting area and the entrance hole.
| points = 7
| points = 7
| location = HC
| location = HC (HC-12)
| mapcode = pai
| mapcode = pai
| creators = [[Creators#lomour|lomour]]
| creators = [[Creators#lomour|lomour]]

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Paisley Prison
Paisley Prison.png
The starting area and the entrance hole.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location HC (HC-12)
Mapcode pai
Creator lomour
Food None
Publication September 1, 2019

Paisley Prison is a pure maze map by lomour. It would reward 7 FFA Points upon completion, but it’s currently being used in Hardcore 9.0, so it can’t be accessed directly, nor does it give points.



The navigation design of this map is what's commonly referred to as an "arrow maze", meaning that players usually cannot go back the way they came; when they make a choice, they often cannot undo it without getting back to the previous room a different way. Soar's Doormaze and Grid Hopper have this same kind of design, but what makes Paisley Prison unique is that it uses 1.14 crouching to accomplish it. It uses 1.5-block-tall tunnels that can’t be jumped into to make one-way paths. In this way, Paisley Prison is an "arrow maze". Players are also given Speed II to make exploration a little less tedious.


Red sandstone patterns are the main theme of the map. The start area has rows of archways stretching off into the distance with stripes of bright blue woven into the walls and floor. The small chambers inside contain glazed terracotta on the ceiling and plant life growing on podzol below the orange glass floors.


This map is currently being used in Hardcore 9.0, so it isn't featured in any challenges.


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