Map Types and Explanations


Map Elements are different features maps have that are common enough to be identifiable as a type of map.

Main Challenge Types

Main Challenge Types are the Map Elements that are good enough to create a Board passing map for.



Parkour is a main challenge type, as it is the most common challenge type we have on zero! Parkour consists of getting from A to B using a path that presents physical difficulty or danger to cross.

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Pure Parkour

If a map is "pure parkour" it means the map only consists of the parkour challenge type.



Maze is another main challenge type. Mazes are challenges of navigation through a series of branching paths. Most paths do not lead to the exit. Mazes typically allow you to backtrack, even if you find a dead-end. Mazes can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional, have changing pathways, and have possibly no dead-ends but a bunch of loops instead.

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Puzzle is a main challenge type. Puzzles require thinking beyond just finding an answer and applying it. Puzzles may require logic, deductive reasoning, and abstract thinking to be solved. They may come in the form of riddles, math problems, or clue sets. Most puzzles have defined rules, but some involve figuring out the essence of the challenge itself without anything said.

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Search is a main challenge type (but usually used as a sub-type). Searches involve finding some sort of "key" to "unlock" the correct path. This may involve finding signs with answer information, or hitting buttons that briefly open access to other buttons, or looking for some sort of hidden trigger to a locked door. As this is more looking than solving, this has been created and separated from the Puzzle type. Both Puzzles and Searches share the same rooms.

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Drop is a main challenge type. Dropper maps were once lumped in with parkour, but have recently become prevalent enough to be considered their own map type. Dropper maps typically include falling sections where the goal is to land safely at the bottom of a large descent. Sometimes, other gameplay elements can be included, such as trying to avoid fall-damage while descending a tower.

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Adventure maps are a main challenge type. They are unique in that they are a combination of at least three different types (all of which consist of a significant portion of the map), and are typically longer than the average map. They focus around a story or a plot, and this plot goes beyond just an exposition at the beginning and a denouement at the end. The map follows the journey of the player and is molded around their experience as a person, instead of focusing solely on the environment.

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Sub Challenge Types

Sub Challenge Types are Map Elements that contribute to a map, but alone cannot make a solid level.



Guesses are a sub-type, as no maps are pure Guess maps (with the exception of Holes). Instead, Guess challenges are mixed in commonly with Mazes and Parkour. In a Guess challenge, the goal is to pick a correct path from a group of potential paths without any form of clues or insight. For this reason, Guesses are notorious for being time wasters, as it usually takes multiple tries to find the correct path. The punishment for choosing a wrong path is usually death or a large setback, and once committed to a path, there is usually no way to back out of it.



Mobs are a sub-type as well. Mobs are challenges where the threat of dying to hostile mobs is present. Sometimes the mobs are to be avoided entirely, sometimes you will have to get through a few mobs to progress, and sometimes it is required for you to kill all the mobs before advancing. Some Mobs maps give armor and weapons before you have to face them.

No Sprint

No Sprint maps are a sub-type. No Sprint maps will remove the ability to sprint, limiting movement speed. These maps are typically quite difficult, as jumps tend to be tighter than usual.


Elytra maps are a sub type. Elytra maps will require the player to complete a course using the elytra item. This is currently the rarest sub-type.



Co-op maps are a sub-type. Co-op maps are designed specifically for two or more people. The challenge may require you to work with another person to beat it, or it may pit you up against the other person. Some Co-op maps can be completed with only one person, but others require at least two people.

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  • The most common map type is Parkour, with Maze, the second most common type, having significantly less maps.
  • Many of the earlier maps contain Guess, due to the lack of other options at the time.