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<big>[[Updates|Upcoming Versions & History]]</big>
<big>[[Updates|Upcoming Versions & History]]</big>
:Current Server version: '''1.15.1'''
:Current Server version: '''1.15.1'''
:Current Minr plugin version: '''10.4.0'''
:Current Minr plugin version: '''10.4.2'''
=== Event Timers ===
=== Event Timers ===
{{Event timers}}
{{Event timers}}

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Welcome to the official Minr Wiki!

Latest update: Happy 9th Birthday Minr.org[edit]

Welcome to the official Minr Wiki! Consult the Frequently Asked Questions for wiki editing rules and guidelines. If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, see the Tutorial.


October 22, 2019
▪ Happy 9th Birthday Minr.org
October 17, 2019
▪ The Amazing Race - 2019
September 25, 2019
▪ Co-op Map Building Competition

Updates & Events[edit]

Upcoming Versions & History

Current Server version: 1.15.1
Current Minr plugin version: 10.4.2

Event Timers[edit]

Co-op Map Competition 2019-2020

There are 34 days 0 hours left before the Co-op Map Competition deadline. (Refresh)

The Amazing Race - 2019

The Amazing Race has finished. (Refresh)

Getting Started[edit]

New to the server? Here are some pages for getting started with the minr.org infrastructure:


All maps are stored in a location that defines their accessibility and state.