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'''''[[Creators#yeroc424|See all maps from yeroc424]]'''''
'''''[[Creators#yeroc424|See all maps from yeroc424]]'''''
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Iron Door
Iron Door.png
An overhead of Flamingle II.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA+
Mapcode y4id
Creator yeroc424
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication Early-2014

Iron Door is a pure puzzle map by yeroc424. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using the commands:

  1. /c join Iron Door
  2. /c join y4id



Iron Door consists of 6 puzzle levels, the first 5 of which have several different puzzles players could be sent to (destination is random). There are no checkpoints between each level, and almost all of the puzzles can be failed, and upon doing so, the player will get softlocked and must /kill to restart.

Level 1

Amazing Insight I — The player must descend to the lowest floor in a one-way maze with many dead ends. Before entering, the player is given a 2D preview of the maze, in which each floor is represented by a color, and the order of the order of the colors, from highest to lowest, are specified on the walls. The player must figure out the route he/she must take before entering the maze to guarantee success.

Bench Press I — The crafting recipe for an iron door is a 2x3 box of iron ingots on either side of the 3x3 grid. In this puzzle, the player is faced with a 3x3 grid on a giant crafting bench, with 6 iron blocks placed into scrambled positions in the grid, meant to represent iron ingots. The player must "make an iron door" with these iron blocks, using the pistons on the side of the grid to create an exit on either side by recreating the crafting recipe. Caution is needed, however; Because the button positions are limited, it's easy to get stuck in a state where none of the iron blocks can be moved.

Rock Solid I — Here, the player is placed in a room with a single block above the ground and many different signs. All of the signs have names of rock bands on them, but with one word missing. The player must fill in one of these names with the name of the block. If done correctly, the player will be teleported to the next room with the previously correct sign missing and a new block on the floor. This continues until only 1 sign is left in the room. The full name of the block isn't always used, and it can be singular or plural. For example, red wool would simply be "red", and a melon block could be either "melon" or "melons".

Level 2

Bench Press II — Works the same way as Bench Press I, but the starting position of the iron blocks is slightly trickier.

Flamingle I — The goal here is to find Flamango and punch him in the face for his over-obsession with flamingos. Flamango hides in a pink flamingo suit, in a large crowd of other flamingos. Flamango can be identified by the fact that he will never be looked at by any other flamingo. By "looked at", the map means that if a straight line of blocks were made going out from a flamingos beak, they would hit another flamingo's head (not its beak). Slap a flamingo's beak to select it. If the player is incorrect, Flamango will become infuriated, and will lock him/her in a cage, and /kill must be used to restart.

Roll With It I — The player is placed in a colorful cube of wool, and the goal is to make two sections of blocks overlap. The two diamond blocks will always be on the floor on the east wall, but the iron blocks will change position relative to how the room moves. To rotate the room, the player must click on the glowstone of one of the walls, and upon doing so, the room will "fall over" onto the selected side, such that it will then be the floor. All of the other walls shift accordingly. There is one catch, however: players can only select a glowstone block if one of the adjacent tiles to it matches the color of the current floor.

Su Door Ku — This is exactly like a game of Sudoku, but using colors instead of numbers, and on a 4x4 grid of 4 2x2 sections instead of a 9x9 grid of 9 3x3 sections. The player starts out with only 4 squares filled in, and must fill in the rest of the grid by selecting one of the four colors that appear above the floor in each unfilled square. When all of the squares are filled, the exit doors will open if the player is correct, but will remain closed if the player is incorrect, and he/she must /kill to restart.

Level 3

Amazing Insight II — Works the same way as Amazing Insight I, but the correct routes are longer, and there's two places that players could start from.

Bench Press III — Works the same way as Bench Press I, but the starting position of the iron blocks is somewhat difficult.

Elementary I — This is much like Pokemon or an advanced Rock Paper Scissors. Here, the player must "create a loop" of five different elements: fire, water, electricity, earth, and life. Each element beats 2 other elements and is beaten by 2 others as well. The top and bottom elements of the loop have to be the same, and all elements in between an only be used once. The starting element is given to the player, and all available elements that can beat it can be selected. Upon selecting an element, a row of that element is added to the room, and the options change accordingly. If the player ends up in a room with no options, he/she must restart /kill to restart.

Level 4

Bench Press IV — Works the same way as Bench Press I, but the starting position of the iron blocks is rather difficult.

Rock Solid II — Works the same way as Rock Solid I, but the player must figure out the names of rock songs instead of rock bands.

Roll With It II — This was the puzzle that orignally inspired Iron Door, though it isn't really a puzzle. The player must go through the maze of doorways, trying the make the iron door appear without falling through the floor.

Level 5

Amazing Insight III — Works the same way as Amazing Insight I, but the correct routes are even longer than Amazing Insight II, and there's 3 different places the player could start from.

Elementary II — Works the same way as Elementary I, but now there's 2 new elements used—light and darkness—meaning that each element beats and is beaten by 3 different elements instead of 2. The first three elements are given to the player are the start instead of just the first.

Flamingle II — Works the same way as Flamingle I, but there's now multiple rooms and far, far more flamingos to search through.

Level 6

Cartesian Coordination — The instructions are very simple here: find the Iron Door. The player is offered 4 common sayings, and must select the one that has the door.


This map's looks vary greatly across the many different puzzles. The Flamingle, Amazing Insight, and Roll With It puzzles primarily use wool. The Bench Press puzzles use a wood palette of various types. The Elementary puzzles use different valuable blocks to represent the 5 or 7 different elements. The Rock Solid puzzles start as a dirt cube that becomes mixed with the previously showcased blocks. Su Door Ku takes place in a large, divided cube of iron blocks. Lastly, Cartesian Coordination uses an ominous all-stone look.


Original article written by yeroc424

After renovating Frosty City (formerly Cobble City), pieceofcheese87 and yeroc424 decided to work on a map together. Their ideas revolved around using fire, water, and other elements to make some sort of puzzle-maze-parkour hybrid. However, both builders ran out of ideas and motivation, and the project was dropped for a time. Yeroc wanted to make a pure puzzle map, so that pure thought could solve the map as opposed to guessing in mazes and needing skill for parkour. Also, the map would be one where the challenge could be randomized, so that it would be much harder to walk someone else through beating the map. After coming up with a few uses for the elements to make a puzzle, he determined this alone would not be enough to make a map. He enrolled the help of Neo3dc, kenad, and others to help develop a series of mini-puzzles, united by the goal of reaching the Iron Door at the end.

The map must be beat by beating six semi-random puzzles in a row. Upon clicking an Iron Door, the player is warped to a random map with the level being one higher than the previous puzzle for the first five maps. The sixth level is always the same. Most puzzles have different versions that vary in level, so it is possible to play the same types of puzzles more than once over the course of one life.

The puzzles currently in rotation are the following:

Amazing Insight - Given a coded map of the level, safely descend all the way to the bottom floor.

Bench Press - Given an initial board of iron blocks, push them around with pistons to open a doorway.

Cartesian Coordination - Ride a cart through various clichéd sayings and choose the correct one.

Elementary - Recreate a Rock Paper Scissors loop by using at least five elements to build up the walls.

Flamingle - Find the only bird that is not being looked at by any other bird. This features Flamango, yeroc's easter egg character.

Rock Solid - Create the names of rock bands and songs by using Minecraft blocks to fill in the blanks.

Roll With It - Traverse a single cubical room by moving walls to the floor to orient the iron door.

Su Door Ku - Solve a 4*4 color-based Sudoku board using only four initial clues.

The map allows more puzzles to be cycled in as they are made. Magna Carta, a puzzle that was planned to go in early on, was not completed, and Flamingle was created to fill the void. The map is worth 3 points and is given a yellow wool in the FFA+ Puzzle room.


This map is featured in 6 challenges: DOOR!, Flamingo Fury, Intermediate Puzzle Pack, 2014 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Not all the various mini-puzzles existed upon the map's first release. Su Door Ku is an example of one such puzzle. A sign at the end of the map likewise alludes to this fact.

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