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Global Ranking is a system which ranks anyone who has joined the server. While the internal algorithm is not inherently clear, it is known that number of map completions and speed of completion relative to other times factor into the algorithm. The points related to global ranking are often shorthanded to G-Points.

General Commands

G-Points from a given map

/c gpoints <player> <map>

This command displays the number of G-Points obtained from a given map for the username. <player> substitutes for a username (e.g. Hypotenuse67), and <map> substitutes for a map code. A map code must be used for <map>

Ranking Leaderboard

/c ranks <page>

This command displays the leaderboard or Global Ranking, organized from the most to the least amount of G-Points. <page> is not required to specify, but it will automatically display the first page of the leaderboard. Each page displays 8 players (and therefore the first page has the top 8). Running the basic command will result in a message similar to this:

[MCP] Top Ranking Players:
1: andershma / 5126
2: rebplane / 5025
3: rmanimal / 4286
4: lomour / 3988
5: Edan456 / 3904
6: TheHexer / 3672
7: The_Fire_Ghoul / 3569
8: BananBulle / 2963
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