Frequently Asked Questions

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The FAQ describes some common practices and do's and don'ts for editing the wiki. Some guides for formatting, templates and infoboxes are also included. Please remember to follow the Style Guide when performing any edits

Common Practices

When to contribute to a page?

If a page seems to contain invalid information, improper formatting or simply does not exist yet, you may want to contribute to that page. However, it is important to only contribute information that is correct. When contributing to a page, please keep in mind the general guidelines and Server Rules.

How to contribute to a page?

Simply click the edit link on any page and start adding relevant information. If you are using an unverified account, or none at all, your edits will be sent to the moderation queue for inspection. This is simply to prevent spam, abuse and any violations of the Server Rules.


How do I format my contributions?

The wiki editor uses different techniques to format your contributions. Visit mediawikiwiki:Help:Formatting for an extensive list of formatting techniques and recommended approaches. When editing or creating a page, the built-in wiki editor should also display some buttons for easy access to commonly used formatting techniques.


Templates also allow for formatting elements. Generally templates are used to create infoboxes on a page, but they can also be used for centering, coloring, conditionals and many more. Additional information can be found here: mediawikiwiki:Help:Templates