End of World

End of World
End of world.png
An aerial view of the corrupted city.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode cmt
Creator Kaddekes
Food None
Publication December 21, 2012

End of World is a mixed parkour map by kaddekes. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join cmt”.



In a corrupted and decayed Minas Tirith which was once full of life, surrounded by the everlasting risk of falling into lava, the player must reach the top of the decayed city to claim their salvation and to save the world. The map involves searching for the correct route to get to the top of the city, using parkour to the player's advantage.


The map follows a similar aesthetic palette to its counterpart Minas Tirith. However, in End of World at the start, the city is portrayed as a more barren city, with corrupted aspects created by using obsidian and soul sand. The city is closely identical to the one in Minas Tirith, but with buildings made replaced with stone blocks. The map has lava to add to the corrupted theme, with blocks of wood burning on the inside portions of the map.


This map is featured in four challenges: 2012 Assortment, Kadd's Crazies, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • End of World was released the day that the Aztec calendar predicted the end of the world. The spawn at the time (Desert spawn) was "destroyed" with a meteor crashing through a wall. This map was released as part of a server event.

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