Dry Desert Trials

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Dry Desert Trials
The final and most infamous no-sprint section
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode ddt
Creator Shpeckly
Food None
Publication February 8, 2020

Dry Desert Trials is a mixed parkour map by Shpeckly. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join ddt”.



This map is split into three distinct sections, the first being pure parkour. In this section, you jump on walls, and sand, doing multiple long jumps as well as 3+1s and 4 block jumps. The next section is a maze where you cannot jump! This comes into play as there are two layers, the first being a normal maze, and the second being a maze of traversing without jumping. The final and most infamous section is the no sprint section. This section is comprised with wooden slabs on fences of increasingly difficult and tight jumps. Starting with one block and two block jumps, they get increasingly more complex with the changing of the wood types, culminating in the final few dark oak jumps that are un-fail safed, as most of the section is, to the ladder down to the end sign!


This map features a Dry Dry theme, with all kinds of sand and red sand used. The first section uses sand walls, as well as blocks of sand, sandstone and red sand/sandstone making up the whole area. There are pillars of sand jutting out from the group making up the parkour route. The second section is a maze of red sand related things. Walls, slabs and blocks, if it is a kind of red sand, it is used. This leads up to the top of the maze where you can look down to the yellow sand ground. The walls of all the sections are sandy cliff faces and that leads to the final section, being the no sprint section! This sandy fortress is made up of sand blocks and other such slabs. Around it are the parkour slabs of wood, going in the order of jungle, acacia, birch, and finally dark oak. The end room is that of a sandy tomb, a box of a beautiful pattern of red sand with a sandy border, with the end sign in the middle!


This map is featured in one challenge: Hexa.


  • The first published map by Shpeckly.
  • While the map takes place in a desert, the biome is actually a plains biome!

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