Crl autre.png
Part of the coral reef
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode crl
Creator Autre
Food None
Publication June 22nd, 2020

Coral is a mixed parkour map with puzzle by Autre. It rewards 1 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join crl”.



Coral begins with a relaxing parkour through a vibrant coral reef. The parkour jumps are fairly standard. At the end of the parkour, players are met with a puzzle regarding the coral that they encountered during the map. If the players need a refresher, they can use a tunnel nearby that leads to ledges where the player can view the earlier parts of the map that contains the coral.


Despite using an underwater theme, Coral does take place in open air. The underwater illusion was created using blue, light blue, and cyan stained glass on the ceiling to represent the water. Sand, clay, and andesite make up the flooring. Mixes of stone, prismarine, and dead coral blocks make up the walls. The parkour is mainly facilitated through colored coral, sea grass, and bubbles.


This map is featured in 1 challenges: Hexa


  • Coral was briefly pulled from FFA to allow Autre to rework the puzzle. Originally, the puzzle had the player answer a prompt. This led to players accidentally saying the answer in chat on a multitude of occasions. This happened so often, that Autre changed the answer input from a prompt, to buttons.

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