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A challenge is a set of maps that usually must be completed under special conditions. The player is awarded Challenge Points upon completion or progress through a challenge. Common special conditions include Limited Lives and No Checkpoints.


Main Article: Command List#Challenge

Challenges can be join, quit and interacted with /challenge (/ch).
There are currently 8 Standard Challenges, 30 Challenge Packs, and an additional 4 Special Challenges.

Standard Challenges

Name Maps Modifiers Reward Tag
Crippled Classics Old Level 2, Sky Parkour, Mob Parkour, Tower Parkour, Mineco No Sprint 50 C-Points crippledclassics
Sweet Starvation Cake Quake No Food 60 C-Points sweet
The Amazing Race The Great Race I, The Great Race II, The Great Race III No Checkpoints 75 C-Points tar
The A-Team Agni, Aqueous, Aquarium, Atari, Apoco, Asylum, A Whittle Story, ANHUR Lives: 4 200 C-Points ateam
Two-Tower Treachery Tower Prowl, Tower Parkour No Sprint 50 C-Points towers
Walking Wanderers Telepads, Tower Prowl, Torsion, Snowstorm, Wolly Mammoth, Shri Tra Savern No Sprint 125 C-Points wanderer
Welcome to Hell Planets, Cake Quake, Aqueous No Checkpoints 200 C-Points hell
Wool Ascending Wool Endless No Checkpoints 175 C-Points ascending

Challenge Packs

Name Maps Reward Tag
2017 Assortment Every map released in 2017 325 C-Points 2017
-Insert Quarter- Rubix Cube, Candyland, Chess Game, Atari, Metal Harbor, Palmtree Panic - Bad Future, Mario Parkour, Retro Runner Pacman, Retro Runner Mario, Retro Runner Tapper, Retro Runner Sonic 135 C-Points quarter
Beginner Maze Pack Leaf Maze, The Gallery, Blitz, Fire & Ice Maze, Storm 20 C-Points beginner2
Beginner Parkour Pack Mineco, Kave Quest, Winter Tide, MineTech, Dusty Dunes 15 C-Points beginner
Beginner Puzzle Pack Tulip Among Grass, Tulip Among Tulip, Paradox, Departure, Mint's Trials 25 C-Points beginner3
Blue Oceans DOOM-ED, Dusty Dunes, Kave Quest, Mineco, Minr Airlines, My First Survival, Old Level 2, Blitz, Fire & Ice Maze, Leaf Maze, Tulip Among Grass, Tulip Among Tulip 65 C-Points blue
Colors of the Rainbow Storm, Halls of Infinity, Prismarine Green, PITMON, Mesa Canyon, Shiny Red Apples 90 C-Points colors
Cheesefest Fusion Parkour, Memories Stage 1, Shroomville, Wooly Creeper, Detention, Freezerburn, Mirrored, Spectrum, Tower Prowl, Atari, Detention 2, Night Light, Prismarine Green, Trial of the Beast, World Two-ur 200 C-Points cheesefest
Co-op Jko-op, Brothers' Therapy, Heist 60 C-Points co-op
DOOR! Chillers' Door Maze, Soar's Doormaze, Iron Door 20 C-Points door
Flamingo Fury Block Party, Palmtree Panic, Iron Door, Ghirdora Manor, Aqueous 65 C-Points flamingo
Follow Freeman Carpe Diem, Wonderful Wonderful, The Recruit, The Prestige, Viae, Necropolis, In Rainbows 100 C-Points freeman
Hard Maze Pack Necropolis, Invictus, Aquarium, Shri Tra Savern, Grid Hopper 125 C-Points hard3
Hard Parkour Pack Chaos, Prismarine Green, World Two-ur, Aqueous, Rock Sport 90 C-Points hard
Insane Parkour Pack Agni, In Rainbows, Outpost, Redstone Ready 175 C-Points insane
Intermediate Maze Pack Spectrum, The Minotaur's Labyrinth, Pistomatic, Sssnake, [[154] 45 C-Points intermediate3
Intermediate Parkour Pack RUSH, A Whittle Story, Metal Harbor, Construction, Hel 40 C-Points intermediate
Intermediate Puzzle Pack Festival, The Return, The Prestige, Birds of Paradise, Iron Door 60 C-Points intermediate2
Kadd's Krazies Troll Kingdom, 154, Demon, Satyrs, Chaos, Wolly Mammoth, Minas Tirith 60 C-Points kaddekes
Maze Competition Trials 2018 A Dwarven Playground, The Crooked Forest, The Exit, IKEAmaze, The Minotaur's Labyrinth. To Be Kind, Necropolis, Grid Hopper 90 C-Points mazecomp
Pack of Packs DOOM-ED, New Year's Eve, CUBE-ERT, Nightmare Button, The Face, The Great Race I, The Great Race II, Button Button, Mean Greenie, MineCorp, Monkey Trumpets, Sanitarium, Solstice, Teddy's Xmas, The Big Egyptian, The Congo, Torsion, Trapapalooza 250 C-Points packofpacks
Puzzle Competition Trials 2017 Festival, Birds Of Paradise, Heist, The Prestige, The Varied 11, Viae 30 C-Points puzzlecomp
Retro Runner Rush Retro Runner Pacman, Retro Runner Sonic, Retro Runner Mario, Retro Runner Tapper 50 C-Points retro
Rivers Run Red Every red map 650 C-Points rivers
Satan's Pit HELLter Skelter, Demon, Demonic, Eternity, Hell Parkour, The Bad Endging, To Be Kind, Zurdite, Hell2Heaven, Trial of the Beast, Agni, Trek 175 C-Points satan
Snacky Salad The Coke Can, Candyland, Cake Quake, The Great Cake, Shiny Red Apples 100 C-Points salad
Trials of Herobrine A Dwarven Playground, Athenai, Roller Mirrors, Kraze Vil, The Return, Outpost 70 C-Points herobrine
TULIP Wool Town, Eternity, The Story, ANHUR, The Gallery, Emerald of Time, Halls of Contrast, Divergence, Hel, Villager, Janus Labs, Gebul, Valentine, Depature, Tulip Among Grass, Storm, Agni, Serene, Tulip Among Tulip, Outpost, To Be Kind 225 C-Points tulip
Winter is Coming Winter Fun, Winter Tide, Frosty City, Xmas Parkour, Crazy Cane, Snow Fort, Teddy's Xmas 100 C-Points winter
Wul Warriors Wool Town: Retro, Wool Town, Wooly Creeper, Wool Endless 30 C-Points wul

Special Challenges

Special Challenges feature unique mechanics, sometimes with specific entry criteria. They are generally contain lots of maps, and can be very difficult.

Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge (also referred to as the daily) is a challenge that contains a randomly generated list of two to five maps. The maps can be of any difficulty, and the sum of their point rewards is the reward for beating that daily in C-Points. The daily changes at 00:00 Eastern Time.

Maps that appear in the daily can not appear in the next six dailies.

Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge (also referred to as the weekly) is a challenge that contains a randomly generated list of eight to fifteen maps. The maps can be of any difficulty. When the weekly changes, any player who has completed it will receive C-Points equal to the point rewards of the maps it contained, as well receiving mail from the console. Any player that completes the weekly challenge the fastest will gain access to The Path of Heroes challenge for the following week.

Like the Daily Challenge, maps that appear in the weekly can not appear in the next six weeklies.

Hexa Challenge

The Hexa Challenge (also referred to as hexa) was first special challenge added, with the 6th anniversary update. The challenge contains every accessible map on the server, sorted by point rewards then alphabetically. A list of all the maps in the Hexa Challenge can be found here. The player must complete every map without dying more than 66 times. For this reason, the Hexa Challenge is regarded as basically impossible, especially when certain maps (like Departure) force the player to die in order to make progress. The challenge awards 6666 C-Points.

The Path of Heroes

The Path of Heroes is a very difficult challenge added along with the Weekly Challenge in the 7th Anniversary update. It consists of 158 hand picked maps and was designed to be difficult, but not impossible (unlike the Hexa Challenge). Not many details are known about the challenge, as players who enter the challenge are encouraged to keep it a secret. The Path of Heroes is the only challenge with entry requirements. In order to enter, the player must have completed the previous Weekly Challenge the fastest. They have until the end of the week to join the challenge, however, players are not kicked from the challenge should they not complete it within a week of them gaining access to the challenge.


  • rebplane is the user with the furthest distance in the Hexa Challenge, who reached Miner's Millions. She is also the only user to reach the red maps in the challenge.
  • The first ever Daily Challenge included an uncompleted map called The Labs (by Zatharel and minty1111) due to a bug. The map has since been abandoned.
  • The first weekly only lasted for 24 hours, since the update was launched with only 24 hours remaining.
  • The Path of Heroes was impossible for non-ops, since a region excluding all players was added and forgotten about until discovered by TheHexer.
  • Recently published maps are only included in the Hexa Challenge when the server restarts.
  • Before the 7th anniversary update, typing .ch info hexa or .ch info heroic into the Minr Discord would cause the Minrbot to list all 100+ maps in the challenges. This would almost render the bot inoperable, as Discord limits the rate at which bots can send messages. The addition of pages to challenge information resolved the issue.
  • The Hexa Challenge briefly had an entry requirement of 7,000 C-Points, when an exploit that skipped over 150 stages was discovered.