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Listed below are every single one of the maps ranked under the “medium” difficulty, meaning they reward 7 [[Points|FFA Points]] and are represented by the color yellow. They are first sorted by their map type, and then a raw alphabetical list.
#REDIRECT [[Category:Moderate]]
== Parkour ==
=== Pure Parkour ===
[[Barn Mania]]
[[Breaking Free]]
[[Breaking Free 2]]
[[Giant Minecraft]]
[[Metal Harbor]]
[[Miner's Nightmare]]
[[Mob Parkour]]
[[Mob Parkour 2.0]]
[[Path of Choices]]
[[Retro Runner Mario]]
[[Rock Sport]]
[[Rubix Cube]]
[[Space Mission]]
[[Tetris Parkour]]
[[The Bad Ending]]
[[The Great Race 3]]
[[The Great Race I]]
[[The Great Race II]]
[[World Tour]]
[[X-mas Parkour]]
=== Mixed Parkour ===
[[Biome Parkour]]
[[Creeper Temple]]
[[Dropping 2]]
[[Funky Town]]
[[Hell Parkour]]
[[Humongous Fungus]]
[[Lava Parkour]]
[[Mario Parkour]]
[[Park School]]
[[Queen's Nest]]
[[Queen's Nest 2]]
[[Retro Runner Pacman]]
[[Retro Runner Sonic]]
[[Shunned Keep]]
[[Sky Castle]]
[[Tower Parkour]]
== Maze ==
=== Pure Maze ===
[[3D Maze]]
[[Day And Night]]
[[Mr_D's Maze]]
[[Rainbow Madhouse]]
[[The Minotaur's Labyrinth]]
=== Mixed Maze ===
[[Lava Parkour]]
[[The Face]]
[[The Nether Lab]]
[[To Be Kind]]
[[Xrm's Labyrinth]]
== Puzzle ==
=== Pure Puzzle ===
[[Birds of Paradise]]
[[Iron Door]]
[[The Prestige]]
[[The Return]]
=== Mixed Puzzle ===
[[Nightmare Button]]
== Guess ==
=== Pure Guess ===
=== Mixed Guess ===
[[Soar's Doormaze]]
== Search ==
=== Mixed Search ===
[[Pocketz Stadium]]
[[Troll Kingdom]]
== Adventure ==
[[Block Party]]
[[Dragon Age]]
[[Emerald of Time]]
[[Kraze Vil]]
[[Lapis Plaza]]
[[Teddy's Xmas]]
[[The Recruit]]
== Co-op ==
[[Brothers' Therapy]]

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