A shot of the Church.
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode bli
Creator Bailey06 and spolendina
Food None
Publication March 4, 2021

Blight is a Puzzle map by Bailey06 and spolendina. It rewards 18 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join bli".



A strange incident finds you teleported against your will to a long-abandoned and forgotten village devastated by the "Blight". Upon your arrival, a witch (the last of the village's inhabitants) informs you that the Blight - a disease which rapidly spread through the town and killed everyone - was caused by a spell gone wrong, cast by a novice witch.

After the devastation caused by the spell and the ensuing Blight, the witches' coven (named "The Ravens") decided to lock the sources of their magic behind complex contraptions before sealing the town up to prevent the Blight from spreading.

The Witch sets you the task of unlocking each contraption and releasing the magic so the souls of her long-dead sisters may be laid to rest. Only when this is completed can she open a portal to bring you home.


Blight consists of fifteen puzzles of varying difficulty and type. The player can explore the entire village however they wish, but more challenging puzzles are gated behind the "mana" system. Players must complete easier puzzles to gain mana and unlock their harder counterparts.

The puzzles themselves vary greatly, from logic-based to movement-based puzzles. When the player has completed all fifteen, they can unlock the ending and complete the map. Upon completing a puzzle, the player unlocks a room containing a purple "mana orb." Interacting with this orb grants them a predetermined amount of mana, allowing them to access more puzzles.

The player can also explore the village and read optional lore. Each puzzle contains a lore book, each of which forms part of an account that describes the town's downfall. These books also give insight into the lives of the town's inhabitants and its politics, along with the events following the Blight's inception.

The beginning and end of the map feature cutscenes that explain the map's context and what happens after you complete it.


Blight takes place inside a huge cylinder, topped with a glass dome that allows the moon to shine onto the inside. Principally, the map is split into three layers; the caves, the village, and the islands, constructed vertically upon each other. The town and caves are divided in two, with a canyon separating them into halves. The canyon floor features a river running the length of the cylinder, which allows the player to cross between the two halves from the ground. The player can also traverse multiple bridges spanning the two sides. Above float the islands, and underground lie the caves. Across the whole map, dead bodies are scattered, along with skulls and blood.

The caves are dense with foliage and growth, and the two cave systems feature three puzzles each. They have an industrial setting, focusing on blocks like rails, cauldrons, crafting tables, anvils, and TNT. The tunnels are populated with hanging leaves, vines, mushrooms, and pumpkins.

The second layer, the village, features many houses and other buildings, such as watchtowers and a church, all connected by paths. The houses are largely crumbled, and the entire area is dense with overgrowth and trees. Each side of the village features three puzzles.

The final layer, the islands, can be reached by climbing a ladder that hangs down from one of the islands. The aesthetics remain similar to the village, featuring a tower, an open-air library, and an armoury. Bridges connect each island. The islands feature three puzzles, including the final one.

From the cylinder walls hang many thick vines, lights, and odd structures; built into the walls are large glass veins that illuminate the map with lava lying behind them.


Blight is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • Blight was initially intended to be submitted for Puzzlecomp 2020 but was not completed until early 2021.
  • Blight's cylindrical design is due to the map's constraints within the Puzzlecomp 2020 building area, wanting to preserve immersion.
  • The map has several optional secret areas.
  • Blight won the 2021 Map of the Year award.

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