Albatross Park

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Albatross Park
Albatross park.png
Albatross Park, As seen looking up from the entrance.
Map information
Reward 0 FFA Points
Location The Valley
Mapcode alb
Creator PacksofPages
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication Unknown

Albatross Park is a mixed parkour map by PacksofPages. It rewards 0 Points upon completion. It can only be accessed by clicking the entrance sign at /warp valley by Green+ players, or when a Green+ player uses /c join alb.



The player explores a small maze before doing a long (mostly ice) parkour section.


The maze has walls made out of cobblestone and oak fences, and a snow floor. The parkour has is made out of diamond blocks, ice, gold blocks and obsidian.


This map is featured in no challenges.


  • This map is listed as Green Difficulty in the valley.

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