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Basic Information[edit]

Hello readers! I am a map creator and player, but I suck at all types of maps. I am also pretty bad at creating, but I am still somehow able to get a few maps published. So now you know about me :3

by the way, :3 is my signature emoticon. nobody else is allowed to use it. (Just kidding, you can use it if you want to.)

I am a major contributor to to the wiki. I make pages, usually for maps. Some pages I've made (but not all of them, not even close) are Blazeville, Canvas, World Domination, and Tutorial. I plan to make more pages in the future. Huge thanks to _Fire_ for looking over my work and editing them to increase their quality.

Upcoming Maps[edit]

  • Collab map with Sulldas (Postponed)
  • Headquarters: 70% done, puzzles up to cp1 fully scripted and joinable with /c join headquarters (Postponed)
  • Tenebris: 10% done, Adventure
  • A white maze: possibly sometime in the future, unlikely
  • Collab map with Ninja_Cat_

Shout Outs[edit]


Stated above, also wanted to shout him out for being the person to review my maps the most times.


Mutt has always been very helpful in helping me find errors in my maps, whether they be skips, map escapes, or ender pearl glitches. See you in 6 months!


Shout out for being the friendliest user on Minr, as well as the very first person I VC'd with.


Always helpful and friendly to me. He was the first person to show me around Zero once I completed Hardcore as well.


Sull is getting a shout out for similar reasons to DumbMutt. He's helpful, and is very good at building.


Swimmy has always been the most helpful admin when it comes to small favors.


Reb has also been very helpful as an admin. Her building and parkour skills are pretty admirable as well.


Shout out for being a big help in getting my maps into FFA. He's also fun to talk to.


Big thanks for your help on Incendium!


Scripted most of The Eye, sorry if I was a bit pushy XD


Super friendly. I feel I needed to give him a shout out.

  • I am a bit forgetful, so if you feel you deserve a shout out but didn't get one, just DM me on discord. Don't worry, I won't find you rude or egotistical.

Challenge Ideas?[edit]

Mineco Madness[edit]

  • Mineco
  • Valentine
  • Apoco

Modifier: No Checkpoints

Reward: 50 C-Points


  • Funkytown
  • Corrupt

Modifier: 5 Lives

Reward: 100 C-Points

Snowed In[edit]

  • Snowstorm
  • Frostbite

Modifiers: No Checkpoints

Reward: 75 C-Points

Dangerous Dive[edit]

  • Inferno
  • Blazeville
  • Sky Parkour

Modifiers: No Checkpoints

Reward: 15 C-Points

The Great Escape[edit]

  • Breaking Free 2

Modifiers: No Checkpoints

Reward: 30 C-Points

Immense Irony[edit]

  • Shiny Red Apples

Modifiers: No Food

Reward: 30 C-Points

Jump for Joy[edit]


  • Space Jump
  • Barn Mania
  • Monkey Trumpets

Reward: 40 C-Points