Speedrun Guide: Doodle Jump


Guide version 1.0

Map Thread: Doodle Jump

General Info about Speedrun Guides[edit]

These guides are meant only to help speed-runners who wish to compete against each other in certain maps. They do not contain maze/puzzle solutions.

Doodle Jump Speedruns[edit]


Overall it is a really short map, so speedrunning Doodle Jump isn't very taking. The key thing to getting a fast time is momentum rocketing.

Tip 1: Momentum Rocketing[edit]

Momentum Rocketing is when you activate the rocket commands (the light-gray ones) whilst moving upwards during a jump. It has 1.5x the height of a normal rocket, meaning that you can skip some of the platforms.


This is the current world record for Doodle Jump, held by _Fire_.